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For a bold statement, you may want to look at red abstract art.


Red abstract art

Particularly, you’ll discover dramatic and bold shades of reds that blend in with other colors on the canvas. Red abstract pieces of art draw attention to other things you might not even notice in your space. Because the purpose is to entice, intrigue, and invite without overwhelming your guests.


Red Abstract Art
Fish Deconstruction


Behind the color red

Specifically, the color red is associated with energy, desire, love, passion, power, and strength. It enhances your metabolism, increases your respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. Indeed, red attracts attention more than any color on the color wheel. 



Red Abstract Art

Red has an effect on our psychological state, since it increases heart rate thus, making you breathe faster. A red accent on a neutral background can help draw attention to a single element such as a couch, wall, or table.


Ways to decorate with red abstract art

Furthermore, red mixes well with any color scheme. How do you decorate with red without it drowning in it? Keep reading to learn some quick and easy ways to incorporate red into your home.


To begin with, choose your style to find the right red for your space.


A contemporary design incorporates neutral elements with pops of bold color, most often red. Paint your door a bold, bright red. Inside your home use bright shades in a pillow, rug, or throw.


Red Abstract Art


Certainly, traditional design involves burgundy and black tones. On your door, try a deep, rich red. Inside, decorate with oriental rugs infused with darker reds. On the other hand, tradition design relies on a neutral palette. Above all, a perfect canvas for pops of red. On your door, match the red hues that you used inside of your home. Or skip the red door completely to keep a more neutral theme. Choose a softer approach like a red lamp or red abstract art inside.


Country reds are known to be chalkier and softer. Think of a barn or scarlet. Choose a red with pink and purple hues, like the color of a ripe apple. On your door use barn red. And inside accessorize with country reds in your decor and fabrics.


Add matching red seats and chair upholstery to an airy living room. If you decide to go this bold, make sure your space can handle it. High ceilings, a neutral or muted wall color, and lots of natural light help tone down the bold hue.


Red Abstract Art
006 Forrest


Now, tell us how are you incorporating red into your home. Leave a comment on our last Instagram post to share how you’ll be incorporating more red hues.


Ready for a bold statement? Email to inquire about “006 Forrest” by Romero. Read my previous article here.

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September 17, 2017

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Nijah Jihad

I love the pop of red, especially in the 2nd pic with the white background and furniture. You gave some great examples

Thanks, Nijah! I’m glad that you enjoyed the examples.