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As of late I have been focusing so much on turning the music world 360, I have neglected the creative art process although working very closely with Art Avenue in Greenville, NC. Art Avenue is a contemporary gallery, whose concept I was critical in formulating with Don Edwards, owner of the UBE and a philanthropist here in Greenville.

Although not formally credited with the conception, the idea came about during formal talks with Don and his daughter Claire Edwards, about what could be done to sponsor a musical event I had planned, that turned into a discussion of revitalizing Uptown Greenville, NC.

I exclaimed to Don that we had no art galleries, really in the Uptown Greenville area. To which he replied that we had the Emerge gallery on Evans. I drew back on my youth growing up in NYC, and going through the 60’s Village and Houston St SoHo, Manhattan area for High School and College art projects watching SoHo germinate and the Village sprout with budding artists that soon priced themselves out of the very community they created.

So we discussed what Uptown needed was not more bars that catered to college students  with $1 shots of beer on the Main 5th St corridor but an Art Gallery to anchor a higher plane of creative thinking. Don let me know that it wasn’t an idea that could be done over night, in fact we talked in 2011 and I think the work was completed in 2013. At any rate that is part of the problem in being an Avant-garde artist, accreditation for intellectual property ideas is rarely given by  those that have the means to make the reality. An ever increasing problem in a society that lacks creativity and has no value for the process, but no qualms in co-opting concepts in place of their own ideas, sans accreditation.

Just the other day I went by the gallery to find an artist

@Garrett Campbell has a BFA in Art and concentration in photography his show is called “Loading…” Meridith Baker has a…
Posted by Ikohaus Avant-garde Art on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Much to my amazement he uses a process I did not invent but was pioneering since 1996 called the Giclée process, without knowing that’s what it is called. 

Anyway the big issue at hand is how to get humanity to feel art again. Art Avenue is great an all, but this is a big planet and even the local traffic is doing a slow uptake on rediscovering creative talent. I’ve tried pictures, tweeting, Google+, Linked In, and I’ve got some movement, but like wow is art dead? Like the music industry?

Here’s a radical thought, I mean we are Avant-garde artists. How about (and you heard it here first so we know where the accreditation lies) we do like the young music industry and vary our old technique of selling PDF files that you could print yourself at your local FedEx Office Print Online//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js?

Here is the first example we will launch here called “Concrete Headrest 03-24-2010 //cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js“. The process: you take it as a PDF file to your local FedEx, which we recommend for standardized museum quality printing process and papers. Then have it printed out at full resolution, which we have placed into the PDF on either their paper or canvas, then frame and or matte to suit your own taste.

Lastly of what benefit to the artist do we have? Well I have a ton of my works just sitting around my home gallery, Art Avenue, Saatchi Online not doing anything. So why not give them all away free to any individuals willing to print them out and enjoy them, knowing they know me personally, or just enjoy the work, giving them an authentic copy. When I do a gallery exhibit of work the original, usually one of kind copy is for sale, authenticated with my signature and thumb print a concept given to me by Marc Busacca Busacca Gallery – A premier free online consignment service of quality works of art and antiques//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js a former art teacher and gallery owner.

It was Marc who discussed with me the idea of breakthrough technology which is what, Warhol and Pollack used to shed the dogma of the then entrenched art scene. The new pafe will be entitled FA for FreeArt.
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