REPRISE – Ikohaus
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I’ve just started to realize that people are catching on to the NEW Avante~Garde movement but do not have the historical perspective.

So I have decided to make this blog kind of a founders page that will stay out in hyperspace forever so the oeuvre can be clearly delineated.

With that in mind let us take a journey back to the very ultimate beginnings of the movement and throw all caution as an artist to the wind.

In the very beginning I felt my spirit as a high wind, traversing over the entire planet. A watcher if you will assigned by the ultimate consciousness, The Almighty what ever you would call him, even some God, Allah, Krishna, Confuscious or any of the other 7 or so religions of Man.

I chose my very existence, parents, locale and assignment.

Let us stop there for now, we shall try to continue and embed this founder of the !kohaus Art!sts Movement in Google+ and FaceBook.

Here now I introduce one of my children continuing in the tradition:

February 11, 2012

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