RipVan Winkle-Ism Effect 6-23-2012 – Ikohaus
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RipVan Winkle Effect 6-23-2012
It was brought to my attention by family members in my Greenville, NC art studio, that I wake up too early. Yes, that’s right ever since I could remember I’ve always got up about 5am in the morning. At first as a youngster making serial with Corn Flakes and a ton of sugar, then watching Farmer Grey cartoons for those of you who can remember.


So what do they plan on doing to this artist so they can sleep later? I’ve overheard them saying they were going to use RipVan Winkle-Ism. That is the practice of inducing a deeply hypnotic effect that put’s the subject in a comatose like sleep for the period of about 20 years!

Imagine that!!!! I awoke in the year 2032, my children are 36 and 40 years old with grandkids, my cousin that caused all of this is in a wheelchair in a nursing home and he screams at me as I come over, “AAhhhhh why do you still have all your hair????”.

You see with RipVan Winkle-Ism I haven’t aged a bit from my current age. I wonder if I’m a famous artist yet?

June 23, 2012

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