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Save the art form, is the cry we hear from various corners of the art world. From dance to music, to art, to Hip Hop the world of art seems to be heading into one large Cirque du Soleil.


Many of the ideas and concepts that we talked about over the years from 2006, we have seen realized. Without those who have farmed the ideas realizing they only gleaned just the tip of the iceberg.


As a result, now I write less of my artists’ thoughts and instead look more to social, actionable outcomes. For example, a local Greenville, NC arts & entertainment event where progressively minded companies are invited to join in “Project G“.


For the event of Project G A Christmas Gala in Greenville, NC, I have chosen to work with Samsung and the Frame UHD TV. Installation of the work will take place at the event. Afterward, the work can either be taken by the patron or shipped to their desired location.


Interested in being the patron of the work at this event? Head to the following link where it is available under the “Patron” heading –


65″ Class The Frame 4K UHD TV

This is a working prototype of the art.

If you would like to be the patron for this work it can be acquired here –

Got questions? email the artist

The Artist Romero Mysterious Velvet/Mose Stovall – “I’ll Understand”

The Artist Romero Mysterious Velvet


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August 1, 2017

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