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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbNEOJMGFAo]
Frances Densmore recording Blackfootchief Mountain Chief
on a cylinder phonograph
for the 
Bureau of
American Ethnology

Often wonder why musicians have digital capabilities? But artists still use the traditional paint, pencil, pen and airbrush techniques around since the stone age? Even photographers and film makers have just about gone completely digital, yet the artist still lags way behind.

This artist was an early adopter and advocate of digital art, from about 1996, when Microsoft came out with the simple Paint program. Actually back in 1982 or so my old art school Pratt had gotten an AutoDesk, for computer aided design and when I asked about the possibility of art students using it, I was politely told, “No, it’s for architectural and engineering students only. This prompted me to take off from Pratt again and follow the Bill Gates route, embarking on a journey to discover digital art for myself.

Test #1 done in MS Paint 1996

Now with the offering of our first On Line class, we are bringing the world of digital art first, to a virtual school. Modeled after the infamous Bauhaus, we are to be a forward looking school, set to explore the possibilities and boundaries of art. The classes will have no walls, after all you can attend on your job, home or even in your bathrobe or not depending on how you feel and others about being on camera. Google’s new Hang Out will be our building infrastructure, and we are already talking to like minded Ikohaus artists about courses they want to teach.

What we set out to do in this first, “Creative Concepts in Digital Arts” class is mainly be a guide for especially educators to transform their teaching skills to the digital world. However the first class will be open to only 9 individuals, who want to learn from a proven artist in the “2012 edition of Who’s Who In America” how this digital art works, the tools necessary to do it and how in a sustainable format the work can be both out put and archived in a manner that will last from 200 years or more, to eternity.

Here’s the information on the first course :

Only 9 spaces are available, registration is with Paypal. You must include valid email to receive Google Hangout invite

Course ID Course Date Time On Line URL Cost Register
CCIDA Creative Concepts In Digital Art Sept 4th, 2012 6pm-7:30pm EDT TBA $50 Below

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7 years ago

Brilliant, Carlos – so I just tagged it up good and shared the event on G+. Best of luck with it!

7 years ago

Ikohaus is looking for you Saul to teach a course on new technologies is Social Media?

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