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You’ve heard of “Home Land Security” to protect our Nation against threats foreign and domestic? Well !kohaus Music Group is about to break out of stealth mode and we wanted to give you a heads up before you hear about sightings of Elvis and other rumors.

It’s been rumored that “Elvis” has partnered with Black Caesar on a secret project code named “GR.A.C.E.L.A.N.D SECURITY” The military styled acronym stands for: Groovy Avante-garde Content Entertainment Los Angeles and North Carolina Development SECURITY.

We can’t go into too much detail here, as a person of interest has been discovered going through our social media content in an effort to hack into our project using corporate espionage tactics. Trace evidence has been found on twitter and facebook as they have not yet progressed to the ability to use Google+.

This is a real and not imagined threat we are trying to make you aware of. This P.O.I. (person of interest) had no idea of our telecommunications training and background: In 1957 at the age of 5 we started in early B&W television repair (You remember B&W? Well I learned from the side of my father as his assistant with soldering iron, schematics, tube checker and my favorite the oscilloscope), 1964 we moved into electronic music amplification, 1977 we moved into advanced experimentation and invention of quadraphonic sound systems, in 1992 we studied telecommunications from the National Radio Institute, in Wash. DC, in 1994 we entered into an experimental project with AT&T to broadcast television over the cellular airwaves in Brooklyn, NY with the company aka CableCops, In 1997 we moved into satellite technology with SkyView Digital Satellite television for DirecTV, being personally responsible for the selection process of the first foreign language channels to go onto the satellite transponders, after Russian American Broadcast such as Al Jazeera, Telemundo and TV Asia as the first selected working closely with the Russian company NAS (archive.org wayback system to search the 90’s [National Antenna Systems-our Russian buddies are probably still there in stealth mode Brooklyn])

“GR.A.C.E.L.A.N.D SECURITY” will soon be protecting the future of music as we know it, so stay tuned here for more news as it develops.

Elvis has entered the building

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