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We have been coming on quite a quandary. Art is not a hobby for us, but it has been becoming a chore to get into the art part of the studio and work. Becoming so engrossed in the music side of the studio for more than 8 hours a day was the norm.

But what I wonder about is, do many of the readers and followers realize as my friends and family do that I am consciously and openly sharing my life and exploration as an artist freely with the world?

Back to the hobby aspect, most artists today have no formal training and lack the aspirations to the hours of completion spent on work in the studio. My training began formally in art with the study of Industrial Design in High School. I think the early impression of this fact has never really left me. Later while studying at Pratt

Institute a host of blocks prevented me from creating what I was visualizing. In my young 20’s there were financial woes of tuition, living arrangements, tension at home and a total frustration with the technology of the time, that had yet to be invented to bring my works into reality.

These stresses caused me to do what I call a “Bill Gates” and drop out, or rather retreat from art and regroup until technology could catch up with my imagination. Wow those old late 19th Century buildings were so stifling it was almost unbearable.

So now the way of Avant-garde art had pointed towards the digital inputs which had been so long overdue for me as I gathered more and more contact with others through social media, but there still lacked something in the delivery system. People were not readily purchasing art or even traveling to see works in the museums. When I had works installed in our local City Hall in Greenville, NC most residents did not even know the exhibit existed or could devise a reason to visit the Hall.

http://api.artistlink.com/home/widgets/102423?type=standardI experimented with a slide type work called “Barocco Museum In A Box V1.0 Concerto” that satisfied my desire to meld both music with art, but still was unsure as to it’s direction as I regularly spent 10-14 hours a day in the studio with various music and video projects.

Now besides the works regularly on Amazon, this Museum In A Box concept is a new way to get works in front of viewers without the need for travel and can be quite affordably owned. So with that the new work is based upon a popular music show that is streamed over the internet, called “DrtyBsmnt BlackCaesarX Video Show”. It’s called “DrtyInTheBsmnt” and takes edgy rock music, to evoke an angry rebellious feeling to the inevitable change brewing. Enjoy and please purchase and download to your phones or computers to support the arts and have your own unique copy by Master Artist “Romero” aka BlackCaesarX!

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