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by “Carlos”

Collab On An Art Project
You follow right along with master artist “Carlos” on a concept work from about 2008, using a found object lamp, that start to get worked upon securing extra disposable income. An undiscovered artists without patrons must be exceedingly cautious about using funds to create works, not knowing if any patrons will ever appreciate the work done. This path of being an independently promoted and sustained artists is not one for the weak of heart to follow.

Phase #1

Shows the steps and materials necessary to create the vision of the core of the project envisioned in my mind without revealing what 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7s-HIHUp8k]

the end work would look like. This is done so as to seed the mind of  fellow artists and collaborators to envision and spur their own, found art works.

To Be Continued…
This work upon securing of additional funds will progress to the next phase which will be documented here and the final work will be put up for patronage on our Amazon.com site.

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