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“Live For Now” – Possibly you are wondering where did you hear that slogan from? Right, that’s the Pepsi slogan that’s right in time with the young generation and what we enlightened oldsters used to mean when we said, “you have to live in the now”. Very loosely translated it is very difficult to go through life, especially in this rapid fire age, living doting in the past or basing your being on an uncertain future.

We’re going to bring our fans into the loop on what the alter ego Pirate Black Caesar is up to. You see what had happened was Black Caesar was tying up the Pirate ship in the Tar River in Greenville, NC which just happens to be the home also of The Minges PEPSI Bottling Group, still a family run business and shiver me timbers not far from the “Originator” of Pepsi in New Bern, NC Caleb Bradham when he met one of the Minges brothers and discussed  the general youth music situation in Eastern North Carolina.

Now if you follow us out on twitter you know that we already had “The Rangers” and then “Wes Nyle” here in concert in Greenville, NC. Regularly on our #CPirateTV stream you can see what reads like the likes of The Real King Asar, out of Brooklyn, NY by way of Jamaica, Yung Incredible from Cali, Young Ace, FeRaw, Digmentals dance group out of NJ, Bamzigi and his #Mizuka music out of Kenya, UK Hip Hop from England and the list goes on and on.

When the Rangers use Social Media out on twitter, they simply just tell their fans to do something like watch a YouTube video or vote for them to go to Germany and their fans respond because they have that type of rapport with them. My social media buddy Saul Fleischman the inventor of the #RiteTag app has campaigned for me to use the IndieGogo platform, so if necessary we may bring that into play also.

Today we struck it big, we sailed the Pirate ship right down Highway #11 which mind you is no easy feat and pulled right into the parking lot of The Minges Bottling Group. After explaining to the receptionist why we had a Pirate Ship parked in the parking lot and apologizing for damaging some shrubs and the lawn, we found that as usual in corporate America the BIGS, were in their usual Monday morning meeting. The receptionist was kind enough to give us the email of one of the BIGS so we wouldn’t have to play telephone tag and I won’t go into any names here and mention, that his name was Wade.

So we sailed back off into the fast approaching lunchtime cold and made fast for our hiding spot in the Tar River. Quite a short time after our on board Satellite Internet Transceiver started to chuck and moan and we sat in the swirling waters of the river as it is wont to do when an email is coming in. Lo and behold it was an email from PEPSI, from the man himself who we wouldn’t mention, WADE! To my surprise they gave a favorable response to meet with Pirates. The BIGS exclaimed they would be Happy to meet with us about the project (actually we’re kinda glad they did because otherwise we were going to hold them hostage like we did the Rangers for  ]$̲̅(̲̅50Tril)̲̅$̲̅[ dollars worth of our favorite “Pepsi Throwback”).

So there you have it music fans we’ll be meeting with the Minges Pepsi BIGS this week and keep you up to date and give you a heads up on the outcome of our meeting. Until the next time remember to keep Ship Shape, drink a Pepsi and shout out to Pepsi and tell them to support BlackCaesar and the Youth.

Let’s go to The Rangers Hostage Video Tape with over 18K views and back to you Nelly!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxQK2un8UQ8]

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