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#CPirateNetwork Broadcast Facilities
aboard NASA’s
International Space Station

We are growing and expanding and in search of a real Social Media Marketing Go Getter Specialist. We’ve got tons of great music artist that supply us with original quality content, but lack any network support as an indie underground music video service.

As we grow we look for a capable experience marketing person to secure advertising sponsors. We have the ability to do pre-rolls, instream advertising and support clickable links on screen to non-mobile devices.

In this economy we know things are tight, so for those who really know the field, this is an excellent opportunity to do your thing and make you own path. The reward…30% of the revenue you raise. The stakes…you’re the one making the show go on and be profitable so why not work in your PJ’s and make your pay for what you’re really worth?

By the way musical creativity is not your only ticket, we want this individual to work with our creative arts group also and market our Avante-garde art from Ikohaus on Amazon.

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