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Most people think of artists as only creating unmoving pictures. But in avant-garde art the object can also be to create a movement in a direction outside of the normal conventional commercial modes.

That is what Ikohaus founder Romero is doing through it’s creation of the CPNStream.
The CPNStream is completely independent and solely supported by Ikohaus. 

The page shown here is a 24/7 HD capable streaming network that when live can stream worldwide to devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers. One of the current projects involves a beta-test with The DrtyBsmnt Radio show, whereby through collaboration Ikohaus’ property The CPirateNetwork is pioneering a new style of live streaming music video show.

Now not only music is being programmed but the HD Network also lends itself to indie film showings and niche genre content. The only business missing in terms of support is financial, as can be used for equipment upkeep and broadcast access. That is where we would love to bring the arts community in to support this endeavor with young musicians and rappers. Rather than asking for donations and holding fundraising drives, you can actually acquire works of art that are collectible from our Amazon store.

Product Details

Spider Orchid by Ikohaus

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking part in this journey of New Age enlightenment.

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