Song Review: "Glow" by Sabi
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It’s finally here! Singer, songwriter, and actress Sabi returns for her first single in a year. Her R&B track, “Glow” produced by Enimal was released on September 2, 2016. 

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Listen to the track below. 

Keep reading to understand why I’m giving this song such a rave review.

Sabi’s Background

Sabi Photo by: Mark J Photography
Photo by: Mark J Photography

Jenice Sab-bion Dena Portlock known as Sabi is a talented artist who grew up in Inglewood, California. Well known in the music scene as a former member of a female duo group called The Bangz, which featured another performer by the name of Ella Ann. 

The Bangz previously released “Found My Swag” ft. The New Boyz in 2010.  Click play to watch the video below.

The Bangz were signed to VNR/Asylum Records/Warner Brothers Records. The female duo released two singles when Ella Ann was unfortunately seriously injured and unable to continue in the group. 

This left Sabi to venture on her own. As stated on Sabi’s official website, “The whole experience was an emotional rollercoaster,” Sabi said. “We were so excited because all this stuff was happening. We had shot our first video and it had close to a million views on YouTube. But no one felt the Bangz could continue without Ella. We tried. I shot a video and did some performances on my own with back-up dancers.” 

The Executive producers at Warner Brothers Records loved Sabi’s talent and energy and wanted to continue the label’s relationship with her as a solo artist. Could you blame them?

Sabi showed her true colors with this track. This song is smooth for easy listening. And an exact representation of who Sabi is an artist. 

Have you heard Sabi’s new single “Glow”? You can listen to it on Ikohaus. Click to tweet.


I played “Glow” in the background while crafting my Green Tea Sugar Scrubs. These scrubs just so happen to make you glow after use. Just listening to the song I felt at peace. This is the song you want to listen to set the mood for your creativity. 

“Glow” is laid-back. It’s inspirational. Sabi has strayed away from the typical songs she has done in the past. She is releasing music fearlessly. Packed with a powerful message. 

She has hinted on Facebook in the post below her excitement and feelings of butterflies at the idea of sharing her visual to “Glow”. “Glow” has shown the world exactly who Sabi is and the aura that shines within. 


“Glow”, the Single

“Glow” is especially unique. This track holds a special inspirational meaning. As mentioned on Sabi’s promo video, “Glow” is about your inner beauty and confidence shining all the way out. 

It’s about keeping your head up high, fighting the good fight. Life gets rough so you must keep going and push through.

Notable lyrics [Verse 2]
Moving by faith not my sight 
All things in dark come to light 
Don’t get lost in the storm that’s outside 
If your thinking its war than your right 
Feeding my soul I need light 
It’s the only way I survive 
Feeding my soul I need light 
It’s the only way that I survive…


“Glow” reflects Sabi’s positive energy as a solo artist. It displays smooth grooves aimed at creating a life that feels good on the inside. Not one that only looks good on the outside. Not to mention, “Glow” is musically and lyrically appealing. 

The tone of Sabi’s voice gives listeners a chance to take in the story being told. And feed their soul with her lyrics. Sabi is offering her soul to the world. She created a unique vibe at the start of the song. You just feel that good feeling when you hear her voice.

Sabi’s new single “Glow” is for the Glow Getters and Glow Queens. Click to tweet.

Here’s Sabi’s new video, “Glow” directed by David Gallardo.


Impressions and Opinions of “Glow”

“Glow” is the kind of song you expect to be on every R&B lover’s playlist. It’s a soulful song. This single has a R&B vibe and some heavy lyrics.

The single is captivating, pure, and soft. This track has a deep meaning to it and brings you to a different place. “Glow” touches you and makes you think. It’s a reminder to protect your peace. From a woman’s standpoint, this song about women’s empowerment. And I love that!

However, it still highlights Sabi’s incredible voice and the emotion behind her words. This song is different from what Sabi has done in the past, but change is good.

The new “Glow” feels soothing after a few minutes of listening. Sabi’s voice in her new single reminds me of Sade. Like Sade, Sabi holds her art form very close. Her tone is special. She’s inimitable. The tunes are delicate to the point where you could just relax and listen to this song on repeat for hours on end.

Overall Rating of “Glow”

I give “Glow” a rating of 10 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest rating. Fans will be happy to hear that Sabi is back with a new single.

Sabi has proven to me that self-confidence exudes from within. I love the whole soulful vibe to this single. And just how vulnerable she has made herself in this song. “Glow” is impeccably produced. But it’s the meaning behind the song that I really love.

To read more about Sabi, click here. Also follow her on Twitter @SabiSoundz or on Instagram @sabisoundz, and make sure to check out her new single, “Glow”, which is out now on Soundcloud. You can also get updates on Sabi’s latest projects on her official Facebook page. Click here to like Sabi on Facebook.



Thanks, Sabi, this was just the motivation I needed to keep going and let my soul glow! I look forward to hearing more from Sabi. This inspirational song will help you to maintain the course and go for it.

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Glow Getters behind the scenes on the set of “Glow”
Photo: Sabi

Are you a Glow Getter? What do you think of Sabi’s new release”Glow”? Leave a comment and let me know. In the words of Sabi, Peace, love & light.

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