Southern Soul
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CPirateNetwork is officially back and looking to hit the stage with a live Southern Soul and Blues concert to promote Southern Soul. Keep reading to learn more about one of many concerts in the works.


James lives in Greenville, NC and complains that there’s nothing to do in the city. He’s still traveling out of the city every week. But man, all that traveling is expensive. Where is the entertainment for people like James?


Every week, he wonders whether other people in Greenville have a case of boredom. And sometimes, he asks himself whether he should move to Raleigh. Could he find entertainment without having to travel?


James thinks back to the time he lived in New York where there were inclusive entertainment and more opportunities for people of color to find live entertainment. But those days have long gone since moving to Greenville, NC. Live entertainment is far and few in between.


And why live in a town that doesn’t have inclusive live events?


Southern Soul

Snag your tickets for the upcoming concert before prices increase by 40%.


What is Southern Soul?

A genre of soul music that emerged from the Southern US. Originating from a combination of styles such as blues, country, early rock and roll, and gospel. The focus is on the feel or groove of the music.


Southern Soul acts

Mose Stovall, Uncle Wayne, and Ra’Shad the Blues Kid will be performing live in Greenville, NC. But only if everyone grabs a ticket.


Southern Soul Artist Mose Stovall
Mose Stovall


R&B/soul artist, Mose Stovall was recently elected to The Southern Soul and Blues Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Mose! He has performed with The Golden Sounds of The Platters. Mose is also a DJ, Singer, and radio announcer is Birmingham, Alabama.


Wouldn’t it be nice for Mose to grace a stage in Greenville, NC?


In addition to Mose, we have Uncle Wayne. Born DeWayne Morris, Uncle Wayne is from Saline, LA. Since 4 years of age, Uncle Wayne has sung in the church. But it wasn’t until he was 11 years old when he was molded by Ail and Steve Harris in The Voice of Trinity community choir.


Southern Soul Artist Uncle Wayne
Uncle Wayne


Ra’Shad the Blues Kid is a Blues Musician and artist from Mississippi born September 30, 1987, as Larry Ra’Shad McGill in Laurel, MS. He first discovered a love of music from watching and observing the church guitarist and watching the keyboard players. Billy Evans, the church guitarist would allow Ra’Shad to sit with him as he played. 


Southern Soul artist Ra'Shad the Blues Kid
Ra’Shad the Blues Kid

Southern Soul and Blues Concert

General Admission tickets are available for pre-order at $22.78. After that prices will increase by 40%, making tickets about $32. 


CPirateNetwork will confirm and set the show date will be set once they reach confirmation point. Would you like to earn toward future concerts? Promote the Campaign and Earn Cash with Show4me Referral Program. Head over here to learn more.


In closing, all of the artists mentioned within this article are close friends of CPirateNetwork. Don’t be like James bored and complaining of nothing to do. The first person to purchase a ticket for the Queens of Southern Soul and Blues event will receive a Tara t-shirt and CD. More information on this event will be released soon.


Tara Queen of the South tees and CDs


Snag your tickets now before prices increase.


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Crystal Santoría
2 years ago

Alright Bham in the house. Love it ! Wish I could go to this.

2 years ago

Thanks, Crystal! Check out CPN, where you’ll be able to hang out with some of the artists live on CPN

2 years ago

Wow! It was great reading this piece and learning more about each musician.
I’m definitely going to see if I can make it to the show. I have some family in that state.
The price for the tickets are affordable with the discount and since it is a positive genre of music , I believe it would be such an AMAZINg experience.

2 years ago
Reply to  Keri kavali

Thanks, Keri! I hope to see you there.

Keylynne Cunningham
2 years ago

Love this! I can’t believe these events are happening in Greenville!

2 years ago

It hasn’t happened yet. We need people to grab tickets. It would be nice to have an event that caters to everyone.

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