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By now most of our regular followers over the years have figured out I am not your typical commercial promoted fine artist, but rather a dyed in the wool old school, more of a Leonardo da Vinci experiment in the arts type of artist.

As such what my style really calls for is a patron. Realistically looking at this fact I know that may never come about. But that never does take away from the concepts and the art that I create.

What I do here is to catalog for historical purposes and document the journey. I observe society and humanity. Creating along the way and experimenting with different concepts to push the boundaries of art in new directions, that can educate, inform and problem solve.

One such project is my secure digital art for display screens. This is called, BitArt. Actually I have been pursuing the use of digital displays since 1999 after the dot com bubble burst when I left the satellite TV industry working with DirecTV for a Master Systems Operator in NYC.

The Concept 

Lower the cost of acquisition to art, deliver it in a unique singular or multiple edition format securely. This is to prevent the inherent attempts at forgery in the physical art realm and as the additional benefit, whereby almost every person or business has a large screen display in their home or business.

The work is view only, non-printable, secure to the patron and resides in the cloud. Also this creates a sustainable, more 0% footprint method to manufacture (create), deliver and display the work. Minimizing the impact by doing away with the need for canvas, paper, paints, wood, and transportational use of petroleum products for delivery.


Tying this digital work to the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD or credit cards through the use of Coinbase for business adds to an extra layer of value for the work. 

(Help grow the bitcoin community with Coinbase and earn free bitcoin. Using bitcoin is coinbasemore fun with friends! Once you buy or sell $100 of bitcoin or more, we will both get $10 of free bitcoin.)

How does this work?

You purchase a work from us using the Coinbase form throughout the site. Whether you use USD or credit cards your purchase is converted to Bitcoin on our end. You can then

vs the USD and realize a monetary gain.

As adoption of this BitArt business model takes hold, we plan on opening an Art Exchange platform right on this site. Should you decide to sell your work, Ikohaus would be contacted and the work offered at the price you request. A transaction fee for the artist to realize value in the resale of the work would take place besides the normal transaction fees of Coinbase and the work is then transferred to the new owner.

This State of the Art concept I have developed over a period of years has already been tested with family and the first patron Scott Marcus that exclaimed he “loved the work”. Here is the work he acquired… 


Mist 12-5-2013


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January 31, 2017