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We have all heard this term used many times to describe something new and wonderful akin to the new Apple iPhone5. But in that sense we are talking about technology and comparing it to an art form. But in what state is real art in? I think it’s safe to say that real art is in a very sad state of disrepair. The infrastructure that supports it seems to be as old as the “Leaning Tower of Pizza”, and maybe even just as off center as the world famous tower.

Stuck in the same old paradigm of brushes, canvas, paint and materials that are all grounded in the physical world. Artists that create in the digital world are brushed aside quicker than one brushes aside a scorned co-worker still using the original iPhone to make business calls in the field to their clients. Why? That is the million dollar question. Why is the artist that creates with the digital 1’s and 0’s not regarded as highly as those that create in the more traditional sense. Can we not break from tradition as we have done with the old rotary phone? How many people even remember the rotary phone? Or the Princess phone whose astounding dial lit up, so teenage girls could make calls at night in a darkened room without having to turn on a telltale light.

Paradoxically to that point mentioned above, sometimes we must go back in time, to move forward, or advance, or as I like to look at it, be in the Avante-garde. This is exactly what I pondered early this Tuesday morning as I sat through the ritual of going through the mornings emails, and there was a Google+ notification that when opened revealed one Jerry Pope. Something drew me to the video located on his page. At once I could feel a sense of an art that was old, but yet new to my senses. A strange feeling, how can an art be old, but yet new? It was then that I realized that the images and sounds of the music on the videos were ones that I had never experienced before, so that if one has not been experienced, one is envisioning newness. The grounds and the basis for that is in this art and music of old has never been assimilated into our formal training and history. So where cameras and recorders never happened to venture have been preserved in the traditional art sense, by being passed on from generation to generation. Some would call that folk art, but I think that is a mistake. In this sense, it is actually the purest form of art. This occurs in an instance when an artisan creates for the spirit, not the intellectual theories of professors that may have a biased eye to a particular viewpoint which is based solely on an accepted hypothetical value system, much the same way as money is valued over the true value of the resources that they can procure.

That being said, I think Jerry Pope’s creative forte is that of a musician. To hear him play Native American music on his instruments is to hear a pure art form, so much as Jazz and Blues are an American Art Form. To be honest with you, I have had to come to the conclusion that history books are all wrong again! In an Avante-garde sense, the really first true new music art form in the New World was…Native American Indigenous Music! I will step on out here on a limb and be the first to say it, and that is only because the music that was here before we all got here has never been recognized like Indian music from India, European classical music, Chinese music, Brazilian music, Afro-American Blues/Jazz and Afro-Cuban Jazz. Everyone has forgotten Native American Music, and that is why Ikohaus takes up the banner in proclaiming it Avante-garde, because even though it is at once an old music and art, it has the timeless quality to yet still be new.

Here below we have installed a “Jerry Pope” virtual gallery wall:

Newest Artist Jerry Pope “MrBThunder”
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October 2, 2012

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