Staying the Course – Ikohaus
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Currently, I have realized that indeed our artwork here is Avant-Garde. It breaks the norm from what is usually produced by current artists; however, that does not invalidate it as a true new art form. The difficulty is as usual, my work is about 10-20 years ahead of it’s time.
I have been talking with quite a few people about the art seen here and the reaction is always favorable. Then I am usually referred to other artists known by the individuals, who are usually somewhat successful at sales of their works. When I look at their work I see work that is usually representational of what other artists have done before, although the quality of their work may be high, they seem to lack truly new innovation.
With this said I will continue in the current direction quest, as the artist I most admire is Jackson Pollock that is the only artist since Picasso to really create anything really new since Picasso. We have sold a few works and the road and quest will continue as we reveal all the inner workings and musings of this artist on the journey to discovery.

June 9, 2010

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