Stone Soup Season 1 Episode 6 – Ikohaus
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By: TruImage

Last Saturday, we talked with Akil Jabbar, owner of Asim Supreme Products. Akil informed us about the products in his line. For example, the African Black Soap, which incidentally is not black it is actually a brownish color due to its ingredients. We were also able to talk with Akil to find out how he started Asim Supreme Products and the purpose behind him starting his line. Our second guest, Austin Wood, who is a sports podcaster from the DMV explained the job of a podcaster and what his podcasts are about. Tim Wilson, the third guest talked to us about his communications background and his early beginnings in television and radio. 

In this Saturday’s upcoming show at 8pm NYTime/ 5pm PST our guests will include Steve Hart of Relevanza and Jerry Doby of The Hype Magazine. Relevanza, Inc. is a digital marketing agency that offers consultation services. Businesses or individuals can receive assistance from Relevanza on how to market their products using social media. Another service provided by Relevanza is social media strategy. Social media is pivotal in this day and age as it is a great way to reach numerous people outside of your network for free. 

Also with us this Saturday, will be Jerry Doby, the editor in chief of The Hype Magazine. For those of you reading this blog who are not familiar with The Hype Magazine, it is an online and print magazine that was founded in 2002. The magazine provides readers with relevant information about music and entertainment. Did you know that “Hype” stands for “How You Perceive Everything”? I did not either, but here is another fun fact, the magazine has covered some of the industry’s top known artists such as K. Michelle, Ty Dolla $ign, Trina, Yo Gotti, Ying Yang Twins and more. So for all the music heads and artists out there, this is the show you do not want to miss!

Episode 5 with host BlackCaesarX and special guests Akil Jabbar, Austin Woods, and Tim Wilson
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Special thanks to our guests this week Relevanza, Inc. and The Hype Magazine !


December 23, 2015