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Street art is taking a turn for the better into the 21st century. As part of the Greenville, NC Mural project I submitted a couple of proposals to repurpose utility boxes as a canvas for art as public installation on utilitarian fixtures.

Utility Box Reade Circle & Cotanche Street
Greenville, NC

The location you see above is the one my work of art was chosen and will be commissioned for by a partnership of the Greenville Mural Committee, between the Pitt County Arts Council, Uptown Greenville, and VisitGreenvilleNC.

What is different in the addition of my work is my partnership with Codex Protocol where my works are recorded uniquely on the blockchain for provenance.

“These records reinforce the asset’s critical history, known as its “provenance”. Entirely digital and secured on the blockchain, Codex Records are far more accessible and reliable than their traditional counterparts.

Prospective buyers can then use our search tool to verify if a desirable asset is secured with Codex Records, and thus an undeniable authenticity.

It’s our way of empowering the collectibles community—by driving collector confidence. [How it works from Codex Protocol site]”

Image #110798 Social+Assembly+5-19-2014

The above is the proposed work and how it will look once constructed. Social + Assembly 5-19-2014 is a unique image created by me, Romero and only one other actual physical canvas exists by an owner in California. This is the first public installation, and I believe the first public installation of a Codex Protocol record.

Hopefully the Greenville Mural Project Team will accept the record at the end of the installation of the project. Stay tuned to our blog and you can follow along with our project and hopefully have some insight into some of things we have working on in the lab.

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4 months ago

Congrats on being selected!

4 months ago

Amazing artwork! I hope your piece is selected. Houston has a similar movement that allows artists to transform blank “canvases” into artwork. However, yours is tied to cryptocurrency? If so, that’s definitely next level.

Aujha Aye
4 months ago

This is dope! I think the best way to improve spaces is through creative means. Congratulations on making this happen for yourself!

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