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***SWAGG NEWS REPORT*** “Little Caesar” Inks Deal With Intrinsic Entertainment Group

In true Avant Garde fasho Little Caesar while face bookin and knockin out Jerk and Gospel videos runs up on ol time buddy Teressa Raiford of The Intrinsic Entertainment Group.

What came out of this electronic collab is CPirateTV founder and Avant Garde art!st Carlos Romero inked a deal exclusively with The Intrinsic Group to promote CPirateTV’s youthful fashion of Jerkin as an art form on a global scale.

Intrinsic Entertainment is the true scalable Entertainment Company for us that 

offers the complete package to development of an art!st as a whole!!


Today at 11:00pm – October 31 at 2:00am

Everywhere Like Air

Created By

For Intrinsic Entertainment Group

More Info
Empower the Youth by Providing Guidance and opportunities for growth
with direction and support.

Are you a Jerk? Do You Look like One? Act Like One? Have the Right attitude to call yourself one?

Well Join the Club and Battle Other Jerks Just Like YOU!!!

Promote your Crew to the World! Our Street Team takes Cool Kids into Global Markets…

With the Guidance of Carlos Romero we plan to help secure Tours, Marketing, and Support for Jerks Worldwide so show us your Skills

Become a Part of the Solution Revolution Today!

Upload your Pics or Videos and have your friends join the movement so they can support your online Battles….

Add Links to Your Pages and all things Cool!


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