Swimwear Accessories That Will Make You Look Chic
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Hey sunbabes, 
Have you searched for seasons to find that flawless one piece? Make Rage 1 your number one swimsuit!
One piece swimsuits are the answer to your summer woes. They’re comfortable and secure. One piece suits make swimming easy.
Looking good in a bikini for a day trip at the beach with your girls takes effort. Posing for a photo becomes complicated. You make frequent bust adjustments. 
The great news is that the newest addition to the Ikohaus is here, Rage 1. Avoid being weighed down in the water on your next vacation by heavy fabrics. Lightweight. Wearable Avant-Garde art on a suit. 
Rage 1 Women's Performance One Piece Swimsuit | Ikohaus
New Arrival: Rage 1 Women’s Performance One Piece Swimsuit
Limited supply. Available in sizes XS to 4XL. Email ikohaus@gmail.com to snag your suit.
Are you not sure what you need to elevate your style? Here’s a quick list of accessories to effortlessly look fabulous on the beach.
How to accessorize your Rage 1 swimsuit:

Today, I’m going to teach you how to accessorize your swimsuit. Specifically, you’ll learn how to style your suit using swimsuit cover-ups, beach bags, hats, and sunglasses.

Learn how to accessorize your swimsuit. 

Accessories: Cover-up

A swimsuit cover-up is a lightweight garment worn over swimwear to protect the modesty of the wearer. Swimsuit cover-ups provide protection from the sun and exposure to UV Rays. They also keep swimmers warm after coming out of the water.
Beyoncé in a swimsuit cover-up

Swimmers can casually transition from the beach to the streets. Cover-ups are designed to be easily removed to be taken off to swim. Some women wear cover-ups to be modest or because they don’t want to attract attention at the beach.

Having a cover-up in your beach bag will maximize your look without breaking the bank. You can opt for beach dresses, rompers, skirts, and tunics to throw over your swimsuit. Underneath every cover-up should be a fashionable swimsuit.

Accessories: Beach Bag

A large cotton or straw canvas tote will keep all of your essentials safe. Be sure to choose a fully lined and durable bag. As a result, your bag will withstand the elements of the beach. Large, colorful totes make the perfect beach bag to hold your cell, sunscreen, and other fun in the sun accessories.

Accessories: Hat

No beach trip is complete without a good hat. Opt for a cute, large, floppy-brimmed hat. Floppy hats are eye-catching and divert attention away from your bathing suit. Good for those who are self-conscious. 

If floppy hats aren’t your style, try straw hats. Straw hats give off beach vibes and are available in fun, bright colors. Generally speaking, if you want to avoid sunburn, choose a hat to protect your skin from sun exposure.

Accessories: Sunglasses
Who doesn’t love a pair of shades? Sunglasses are an important fun in the sun accessory. Not only can you use them to block the sun, but they can also hold your hair back from your face. 
Pick a frame for your face type. For example, oversized sunnies are chic and would work well on an oval face. On the other hand, Aviators give you a sportier look. If you have a square face, then pick Aviators.
Find the right sunglasses to make you look like a chic superstar. Use the guide below to determine the outline of your face to choose the right sunnies.
 How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape
Rage 1 Women’s Performance One Piece Swimsuit: Your body is an Avant-garde painting thanks to this suit. Warm summery vibes with orange, yellow, and coral tones. Simple, striking, and the kind of suit you’d want to pack for your next weekend getaway or vacation to feel more exotic. 
Rage 1 Women's Performance One Piece Swimsuit | Ikohaus
New Arrival: Rage 1 Women’s Performance One Piece Swimsuit
High neck, super low back, and lightweight fabric. The best part of this suit is the artwork on a performance suit. Rare these days. A concept of artist Romero and myself.
You no longer have to sacrifice style for fit. A classic swimsuit designed for worry-free days. 
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Although you may think that accessorizing your swimsuit means Goggles and a pair of flip-flops, remember you can complement your suit in other ways. Simple accessories like cover-ups, beach bags, hats, and sunglasses make you look effortlessly chic. Apply these swimsuit tips to your swimsuit and you will draw good attention.
Remember, accessories for your swimsuit include more than Goggles, a pair of flip-flops, and maybe some body chains. Now that you know four ways you can accessorize your swimsuit, you will be able to use these style tips to save time and look fabulous. Grab your beach bag, call your friends, and enjoy looking chic in the sand!
Share your thoughts. Let me know your thoughts on these four simple ways to always look chic in swimwear. Did I miss anything? 
For more tips on how to style your Rage 1 swimsuit with the summer’s must-haves in accessories, check out: How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit | Nordstrom Fashion Blog.
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