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In the 60’s there were loads of Civil Rights and Anti-War protests in the streets and the art that came out of that was a direct result of the social climate.

There is so much going on now a days with Covid-19, Human Rights violations the world over including even in the United States that the Art World can often be overlooked. Especially in terms of a Black Independent artist and gallery such as we are talking about here.

None the less as I often say the job of the artist is to reflect and mirror the times in which they live and formulate a work at that particular point and period in time.

This leads us to a very novel approach that is going to be under way in the City of Greenville North Carolina, population approx 93,137 as of 2018.

What we have is huge Utility boxes which provide and meter power to the various electrically controlled utilities on the street.

To be honest many years ago I thought of using as we artists like to call it, a found object, where we take something common that maybe an eyesore and turn it into something different. I decided to hold off and let someone else develop the concept for lack of funding and approval of the vision.

Lo and behold the Pitt County Arts Council came up with the same vision some 5 years later and that’s where we are now, with my self being commissioned by the Arts Council, Uptown Greenville NC and the Visitors and Convention Bureau to do ‘Social Assembly’ on Reade Circle and Cotanche St.

We will be following along the project here with the visual wrap content being done by a Greenville company called ‘FastSigns’ and because I am an Avant-garde artist this particular work is authenticated on the blockchain with my company of choice Codex.

Now that we have a basic understanding the commissioned project let’s begin by taking a look at the site.

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