Tech and Coffee Produces: Artist Gerwin Derks – Ikohaus
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It was the day before, the day before Christmas 2012 as I awoke at my usual 5:05am to start my ritual of showering, brushing my teeth, making coffee, cranking up CCleaner on my Dell Precision laptop, running Defragler and checking emails.

That’s when I saw the light! Yes Saul Fleischman my buddy inventor and co-founder of RiteTag was in a Google Hang Out. I couldn’t find the entrance, or even any existence of it. I quickly shot Saul out a chat message asking him to invite me and as I entered I ran my usual line, “So your trying to keep the artists out.”

Deftly I steered the conversation into the occurrence at Newton Connecticut, so I could hear the radical opinions of some in the group like Robert.

Here are some of the members of our discussion group they were told they would be in an upcoming article. We eventually came to a consensus that the gunmen’s mother was responsible for a sickly train of thought of impending doom and disaster scenario of economic collapse in a country that had plenty of checks and balances even while the country was hurling towards the “fiscal cliff”. 

We’ll  protect the names of the other innocents.

Can you believe the group actually gave me a HW assignment? That’s correct I brought up the subject from an old art professor from Pratt that “War was the most supreme form of Art”, and was politely told to read Art of War by Sun Tzu. 

In comes a young fellow by the name of Gerwin Derks from the Netherlands. We broach the subject of what he is about and come to find that he is a photographer and of some merit I might add.

His wall can be seen here…and let us go to the video for further explanation.


December 24, 2012

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