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by “Carlos” The Rainbow Bridge
The People’s Bridge
Humanity’s Bridge 9-28-2012 and years ago we talked about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and those children that were created in that time are the “Indigo” children. The time is right now for us to move society and culture to that higher level that transcends finances and greed, but uses creativity and talent as a means to higher civilization.

Here we will begin that process with our 3rd Project, a music/arts/dance/word creative project and work in conjunction with the other arm of our group, !kohaus Avante-garde artist. As founder of both groups I was very profoundly affected by a very simple tweet I received by Brent N Hunter on The Rainbow – The People’s Bridge – Humanity’s Bridge. I won’t spoil the reading or listening for you, but he explained exactly what we are doing with our Ikohaus concept on raising the level of man’s consciousness in respect to 21st century civilization.

The project is tentatively named, “THE RAINBOW BRIDGE PROJECT” and would be held in early September of 2013, when the weather cools in Greenville, North Carolina outdoors. To fund the project artists that want to be involved along with me, will be selling their works here and on Ikohaus artists sites gallery. Occasionaly as we move along showcase events will be held to give people an idea of what is to come and help raise money to pay musicians, staging, security, venue rental and all the things we would need to make this production happen.

So there you heard it here first, get ready…contribute…take part…and enjoy!

September 27, 2012

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