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Life After Django Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt, the Roma genius, born to Gypsy parents in 1910, is considered by many to be the single most important guitarist in the entire history of jazz. To honor the 100th anniversary of Django’s birth, one hundred of his disciples, including his grandson David Reinhardt, have gathered together for the “Django 100” Centennial Tour — traveling the world to pay homage to this exceptional type-setter who marked the 20th century.


I awoke this morning as usual thinking out in my head the possibilities of the direction I would take in Social Avant-garde art. It was then that the thoughts of the tumultuous situation that society was in came flooding into my mind in a tidal wave fashion. The way that Amazon since 2006 gave me such a hard time to understand I was a living artist and as such should be able to place my work on Amazon. We talked for more than 3 years before they told me I would have to use a unique product code, UPC to identify each work just like a product that I claimed they were not.

Eventually I saw where this could lead to my advantage, so that a patron could easily resell a work anytime in the future, and at a profit just like reselling books. To my amazement, Amazon picked up on my concept and started a Beta Artists Program. So one would think they would include the originator of the concept? NO! Like Picasso and the Fauvist Beasts of Cubism I was denied access to the very concept I created, with a perfunctory we will only accept a limited amount of artists and now only representatives, perhaps in the future we’ll open it up and consider you. 

How rude! Well still I pioneered being the only living artist selling on Amazon directly. Any artist wanting lessons on how to do it just contact me through one of the socials listed above and ask.

We need to add to this mix, while we don’t have the big bucks of Saatchi Online gallery or the others, we’re witnessing a social 21 st Century upheaval with Eric Garner, Michael Brown, the Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, ISIS, Palestine and Israel.

It was at the end of the day Saturday December 6th when my

Eric Kirchner

Google+ online friend Eric Kirchner who so kindly taught this artist to work in Fedora Linux “Bloonked” me as I like to call the Google+ sound when someone messages you, and said my young friend Adam _____ wants to ask you a question. In the middle of all the days goings on that I mentioned, plus not to mention playing my college daughter in 2K NBA as a stress reliever, he told me what it was…

“Andy ____ wants your address so he can send you a Christmas card!” ???????? #BANG the brick dropped on top of my head. See young Andy was Eric’s downstairs neighbor, who’s parents let him hang out with Eric an engineer and soak up all the technology stuff Eric loves and get to talk and play real football that he does in school. When Andy happened to be there while we

Andy ___

were discussing processes for me to update and install Linux programs, he asked, “who are you talking to?” and Eric of course exclaimed, “Carlos”, for which of course he questioned, “who’s that?”. 

We met on video chat and I described that I was an artist/ musician/ filmmaker that had played football in High School. Now when I taught him a few tricks of the football trade, taught to me by my former Coach that developed around Vince Lombardi as a friend and Joe Paterno as his student like me, the kid lit up. Besides the fact he was hanging out with and talking to a bonafide artist.

Wow too cool! Wasn’t this what I had always been talking about as a young artist growing up wondering what Picasso, Dali and Pollock were doing and if they every talked to anybody?

You see it took Andy___ to give me a reality check, if you are a new social media age avant-garde artist, it’s not all about becoming popular at galleries or the acclaim, making the next Guernica and exploring the edges of known art. It’s also about internal examination and ethics. How can you go about effecting humanity, with art from the inside… from the very young and changing what the brain perceives as the normal daily stimulus, to getting inside of humanity and the realization of our collectiveness that’s inherently set in rightness, until a disruption is caused by imbalances in current day societal norms from unnecessary stresses placed upon the constraints of a life span.

As is often said, my hat is off to you Andy for re-calibrating this artists’ Christmas Clock!

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