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Give your room a focal point Mysterious Velvet, a high-impact portrait. Learn more about this portrait painting by Romero.

The inspiration behind “Mysterious Velvet”

In March, Romero shared his most recent work, Mysterious Velvet in time for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Of course, the inspiration for this work from his Real Life Series of paintings is the 60s velvet paintings. 


For artist Romero, his stylus is pigment. The North Carolina-based artist experiments with bold colors and powerful brush strokes using his Wacom stylus pen and digital software to produce this life-like painting entitled Mysterious Velvet. The radiant skin complexion mimics the flawless skin that many women desire today. 

Who is this mysterious woman in “Mysterious Velvet”?

This enigmatic woman’s hat flows in every direction and across Romero’s work. The position of the stylish floppy hat in this piece makes it so that we can’t see the woman’s eyes or the structure of her nose. We have a slight view of her nose, full lips, neck, and a portion of her clavicle bone. 

With his inclusion of a vague and unrecognizable person, Romero’s painting represents the unknown, as well as the drive to capture what some might consider a scary place through any means necessary. As a result, this woman gives off an aura of mystery and femininity. 


What can we learn from “Mysterious Velvet”?

The painting itself is an unknown mystery. No one seems to know the identity of Romero’s woman in his 2016 painting Mysterious Velvet. Moreover, the unknown lady faces straight toward us with a low light gleaming off her body. She looks as though she does not want to be seen, but we have no idea what her story is. 

This gives us an opportunity to use the power of imagination. The tilt of the hat in this painting could mean she is looking for fun with youthful enthusiasm. The mystery created by Romero’s painting, the unanswered questions that will enthrall the viewer.

A deeper look into “Mysterious Velvet”

Therefore, this painting works because it is unresolved. You can’t answer the question of who she is or what she’s feeling or thinking. If Mysterious Velvet was resolved, then you’d probably move onto the next painting. We all long to understand masterpieces, but we never will. One can’t help, but become fascinated by this eye-catching piece! 


In conclusion, Mysterious Velvet expresses human emotion while appreciating the art of being a lady and empowering women.

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On to you, where would you place this painting in your home? 

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