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The art world is undergoing a radical shift and at Ikohaus, we are proud to say we have been at the forefront of this dynamic shift since 1994 when Romero discovered a little known process called Giclee.

Strangely enough it was 100 years ago that the Bauhaus went through the same shift with a similar mission to Ikohaus’ Movement raison d’etre: ‘uniting art and music with technology to improve peoples living conditions.

underground signs
Photo by Nick van den Berg

The signs were always evident along the way as the Avant Garde is want to do in pushing the envelope. But decentralizing the commercial art industry is a most difficult road to travel. Adoption can be a long arduous process, but again this is where as the founder of Ikohaus I was awarded a lifetime achievement award in Art and Technology from Who’s Who In America, because creating something totally different often comes with little to no recognition by the status quo.


I have often had discussions with the powers that be on the Codex Protocol platform and have slowly come to more of an affinity of understanding their platform strategy of autonomous non-control, non coercion. Instead of being profit motivated Codex is simply about authenticity and original creators of assets.

So what I am about to do is once again start online courses to disseminate the knowledge I have acquired in #1 how to place assets on the blockchain ⛓, then develop courses on how to create digital art and livestreaming techniques I have developed at the forefront of decentralized technology at affordable costs.

The courses will be offered on the Facebook site of our telecom parent company CPNStream. Just become a #Supporter at $4.99USD/mo and all the courses we create plus exclusive music content will be included.

#Supporters eLearn: IkoVuX – Codex Protocol 👛 Lesson #1 4-20-2019 Just click the link above in Supporters and start the intro

In this introductory lesson you will learn the overview of using Codex Protocol to register your created or valuable asset on the Blockchain.

No equipment is needed for this course other than a connected cellphone or computer.

In upcoming lessons we will show you how to create a free Codex Protocol account and register your valuable asset.

April 16, 2019