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Working right now in the studio while listening to music on Pandora, I am truly blessed.
   I started thinking of the direction I was leading the 
!kohaus Avante~Garde art!sts. Sure it’s great to be in social media and help and comment on the youth’s new video music, helping to promote and support what they are doing.
   But what about my mission as an Avante~Garde Art!st, socially involved in the human condition? Let’s cut to the chase to allow me to get back to creating and allow this concept to unfold, that you as patron hopefully will embrace in support of the Arts and our Mission.
   Our mission statement is what brought it to mind:”We create in a nonphysical space and it is in the midst of this nexus thatwe relate to eachother“.                                                                                                                                                                                                        by master wordsmith Michael Kendrick Brown
   How do we relate to each other if we derive no income from our art and our art has no relation to those of us in a troubled human condition? Ahh back to my business class at Pitt Community College with my mentor Dr Lee, Dean of the business school.
   As I was profoundly affected by Dr Lee, why can we not formulate an ethical artist business model, that sustains the art, artists and does some good for the human condition instead of profiteering? 
   Well with the help of empireavenueXeeMe, Dr Lee PrattGrand Master Super Foot and all of the influencers that have gone to shape my very existence most of all The Almighty here is, “you heard it here first” the process:
1.    As the founder of the !kohaus Movement I will start to put works directly out to the public for purchase, with consultations available via Skype or Google+
2.    The works are either limited past pieces or can be commissioned from digital images.
3.    From whatever prices are set after production and shipping costs are deducted, 50% will go to the artists to sustain and support the work and 50% to worthwhile charity that has been researched such as the work done by “HornRelief.org Of Africa“.

Let me know you valuable thoughts on this concept an comment area is available, below.

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