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What have I done? 
Have I opened Pandora’s box ? I have been on a quest recently with our Avant-Garde artist group Ikohaus to bring our artists more into the social realm by using Social Media tools such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

What’s missing in most of the mediums is one form or another of presence notification. Twitter is great for short messages, but has no presence, video, extended chat or voice capabilities. Facebook has presence, chat and a video app, but gives your presence to the entire planet making for constant interruptions. Google+ has all the features one could want, presence, voice, chat and you can start a video hangout with up to 10 people, but many of the artists and people in the community are slow to adopt this.

There upon we come into another problem and issue I’ve been working on with a friend from Empire Avenue Saul Fleischman, how to get my linking capabilities in order to engage people and expose my artists group to interact more socially with people on the internet. 

Making more feeds and blogs to extend my reach in an ever widening encirclement? But with all of this development somebody is selling something? Making money, but not the poor artists. I’ve noticed the big players are closing down more than Wall St. The average artist can not get his work shown in a gallery unless he is a most favored one, song writers, dancers and musicians go without work unless they have the latest sensationalism that sells something to someone. Most artists instead of imitating and showing another side of life do the same thing that a Canon Mark VII D can do.

Now I may be beginning to see why the artists of old Picasso, Dali and my hero, Jackson Pollock stood aloof. Perhaps they were way, way ahead of their time.

You can not create if you are consumed with commercialism, responding to electronic devices and looking to see what is the next big input to be put into the machine and respond (Is that not Pavlov’s Dog?).

I learned back in 1969, when I was a young artist studying Industrial Design at Brooklyn Technical High School from a great teacher, “The artist is an artist because, he says so!” We have truly destroyed and corrupted our value system. However I see something gleaming on the horizon. We have machines, that build and assist our every whim. Software people and doctors are creating exciting possibilities, but “things” can be made more cheaply in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and else where.

When the machines make every single thing what will we have left to do? CREATIVITY! The only thing we as humans have left that will make us all artists, is our own creativity. Because machines can not create things, they can only follow the program. Remember this blog is about a journey as an artist, and I have learned long ago, I am the greatest living artist, because I say so. I have been given this power that no man can take, however I have learned one thing since that class back in 1969 which is my own profound conclusion: “When I create anything, just like any other person, I must always start out with something! Only one person whether you are a believer or not can create something, from nothing. And that is God Almighty”

“The future is coming…and in it, we will all be artists creating from something into another thing and valuing what we create.”

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