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Did you know that the Internet is reshaping the art world, transforming how art is exhibited and the way sales are made? Art is being sold more online than in galleries. 

According to insurance firm, Hiscox, 49% of respondents purchased art directly from an online platform. This shouldn’t be really surprising, considering the fact that more art is being viewed online thanks to the Internet and social media. 45% of respondents said that they found the online art buying process less intimidating than buying from a physical gallery. With this in mind, Ikohaus offers works from their gallery online for purchase.

Ikohaus is fully aware of the impact and power of social media. Artists can now access buyers directly on the Internet. Online art sales are increasing due to the fact that the Internet has become a medium for commerce. One of the works available online from Ikohaus is Maryborough Central Victoria (valued at $350) by Romero, of the United States and Maggie Beresford, of Australia.

How can you collect Maryborough Central Victoria? Simply click the “Buy Now” button below and the work will be wrapped and shipped to the address you provide.

Maryborough Central Victoria | Romero and Maggie Beresford
Romero and Maggie Beresford
Maryborough Central Victoria

The work shown above will be ship directly from the artist, Romero. If you follow these easy steps below, you can own Maryborough Central Victoria and fill that empty space on your wall:

  1. Click the “Buy Now” button 
  2. You’ll need to enter payment information and billing and shipping address during checkout.
  3. After your order is placed, we’ll wrap your work and have it shipped to your address.

The first person to purchase Maryborough Central Victoria will receive the work shown above. Simple, right? We believe that buying online is a less intimidating way for people to collect art. It’s also convenient, as you can purchase work you love from any mobile device. Ikohaus’ collection includes not only paintings, but digital paintings as well. Here is what you’ll receive when you purchase Maryborough Central Victoria:

Maryborough Central Victoria | Romero and Maggie BeresfordIkohaus offers work from their various collections online for art collectors who didn’t think purchasing art online was possible. The good news is that you can collect art from the Ikohaus gallery without fear of being intimidated during the buying process. You can build a relationship with the artist because you’d be buying directly from the artist. Also, you can collect works using your computer or mobile phone from the comfort of your home. How cool is that? 

If you follow the purchasing instructions in this article, you’ll be one step closer to owning your own original Ikohaus work. There is no feeling quite like owning a piece of art. Don’t let the fear of buying from a gallery deter you from filling in those spaces on your wall. You can become an art collector even if don’t have a collection yet. Again, Maryborough Central Victoria is valued at $350, but you can purchase this work online for only $175Click the “Buy Now” button below to purchase Maryborough Central Victoria online today!

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