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Finally all of the work I have on the blockchain on Codex Protocol has been uploaded and priced onto this website. For those that have been following this site for those many years there is still quite a lot of the last chance to acquire my works at introductory prices.

Now at this point in the products lifecycle the value of ‘smArt’ is at the early adopter stage. Quite a few individuals have already invested in early works.

It might be a quite lofty vision, but our best opportunity seems to be the proposal I put forward to the Solve project of MIT for leaders, innovators, activists, and risk-takers who are impacting their community every day and have the potential to elevate humanity and inspire others to act as engines for social good.

This brings us to the final piece of the puzzle… the combination.

When Ikohaus was founded in the early 2000’s under the then name it quickly became evident that we could effect the outcome of music artist using the same Avant-garde school of thought as we did in relation to Fine Art work.

Right now on the music end of Arts and entertainment with our Telecommunications Network primarily positioned on the facebook platform, we are forging a deep alliance with powerful Jamaican Reggae artists.

Realizing that many may want to invest in our innovative Telecommunications company, but we prefer to keep it held privately in trust for the public humanity, we thought the most constructive investment tool would be with our digital art.

So now if your an individual or a company you can kill many birds with one stone even though we do not advise committing acts of violence in nature.

Invest in the art you see here by my self and more and more artists and know that your helping to sustain a much deserving artist. As a Social Responsibility corporation we will keep your good works going by taking a huge portion of the galleries 40% to fund the projects we work on with our music artists.

If you would like to get an idea of how that works we have planned a public launch on May 15th 2020 at 8pm on facebook with reggae superstar Pressure Pipebuss.

Pressure Pipebuss

You may wonder what is it where we are leading people? Well, people need jobs where the only thing humanity has left is their own creativity.

So complete with our vision being right on time, no one need to travel anywhere and no physical art works need to be made and transported.

Now thanks to technology we can have a limited audience to partake in global exhibitions of culture! Music and arts of the 21st century is here.


Wow, this work is amazing! And I agree, keep the telecommunication companies private while pushing for the investments in the artists. Great post!

Thanks Airess and as you see we have first event coming May 15th with Reggae star Pressure Busspipe and all anyone need do is register to become a support here [] mention that to my email when buying a work and you’ll receive 10% off directly from me.

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