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Ok here it is “THE DAILY TWEETER” ( kinda like Peter Parker’s Daily Bugle from Spiderman)

The first thing to get with is “It’s not how many followers you have, but who’s rt’ing you what kind of leader are you?”

Know what your niche is and be an influencer in that field. I use Hootsuite because it’s free and has the functionality one needs to schedule tweets. The first thing you need to do is segregate your columns of tweets so you can follow them at a glance as I was taught my Guru Saul Fleischman the inventor of Rite Tag that we’ll go into later.

So segregate tour tweets into first Mentions so you can see who’s talking about you and always try to respond to them, favorite and or retweet them for being so kind. Mentions are also the best way to get anyone’s attention. Every time I mention a YouTube song I play I try to google the artists twitter name and replace that song name with it so they see I’m tweeting they ish!

Then you sent tweets so you can keep an eye on how often your tweeting no one wants to follow you if you have tweets numbered 1-199 every 10 minutes that’s just pumping garbage in and you know what comes out. I have this same trouble.

Then using twitter lists you should make what’s called your inner circle so you can keep an eye on what your most influential buds are saying and talking about.

Then of course dm’s and retweets to see who’s rt’ing you.

Lastly Hootsuite goes out across Twitter, Facebook and Google+. If your not hip to Google+ get there because it’s not as intrusive as facebook and most of the big Muckety mucks you want to know are already there homie!

Lastly, tag your tweets correctly not only with #TNM but relovent tweets that’s how others you don’t know find you and that’s the whole point of social media is “to move BEYOND your follower’s” Try my buddies site for free to check your tags and get suggestions with associated Hashtags http://ritetag.com use Green colored tags they get you attention ones like #HipHop are now becoming overused and no idiot will pay attention to you but you. Lol

There you have it, hope I can keep this up daily.

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6 years ago

Thanks much for the vote of support. Hope the colored suggestions speed things up for you and all RiteTaggers, but remember, the ? let's you see more, in case you want to see who uses a tag, etc. Finally, have you tried embedding Hashtag Scans yet? Let me suggest adjusting the width to 550; this works well in most blogs. For Scans, click “Alerts” in the top menu; that's what they'll be pretty soon, when we let users select which Scans they want to be frequently updated, and leave the others to be only occassionally updated.

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