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The societal value system for fine art in the 21st Century has fallen to stagnation, corruption, monopolization and inequality. Tons of work are created that never see the light of day. Favorite sons and daughters bask in the elitist limelight for a brief period of time, while prices soar and works are shredded at auction in search of a statement to destroy what society treasures while never offering a solution to worsening problems of contemporary society. A populist backlash has ensued spurred by the adoption of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the art world is experiencing a hard fork.

Lascaux Cave Painting

The older physical works still hold their intrinsic value although there has been vast problems in determining their authenticity and forgeries abound all for the sake of robbing the market of capital. Meanwhile Folk Art has resurfaced in the Dadaist form of ‘CryptoKitties’ and numerous other community based gamification and rewards based systems on the blockchain. But none of these paths have applied to do what the most earliest forms of art, had done with the cave paintings. The original format was to tell a story with illustration of a certain point in time historically to be shared and appreciated by all of humanity that could visit these early museums.

CodexProtocol is a technological solution to the increasingly centralized control established by powerful monopolies in the digital economy and financial art spheres. As much as Codex provides a solution in a decentralized ecosystem it also provides a backwards compatible solution to the centralized systems to provide authenticity and provenance to lend accepted credibility to that legacy system. The problem that Codex is solving is not perpetuating inequality of power, monopolizing art works in a few hands rather than deploying them to their best uses.

Deploying A Radical Shift

Our IkoVuX system takes an open decentralized approach to both the distribution and purchasing process. The business process is an already working solution with a few unique early adopters. New processes have been developed to make the appreciation of art more in line with its original intentions, using the component technological advantages of cloud cross platform display storage, blockchain authentication and provenance, and both crypto and fiat currency payment systems. The radical pivot we made from the inception of IkoVuX is to solve the problem of works of art being inaccessible to society on a whole due to travel, exhibition or storage constraints.

This solution of making the digital display viewed works public transforms the patron at once into a global philanthropist. The work in essence is already copyrighted by showing the creator on the blockchain and is then held by the current owner to collect, trade, gift or sell but a radical shift like the caves of Lascaux on steroids is allowing the work to accessible by all in the public domain. Works are no longer hidden from view in private collections or storage because the entire internet is now transformed into a museum.

The liberation of fine art is being pioneered and occurring now with almost all of the pieces being contained within the CodexProtocol. On this site for all to see as we work behind the scenes with Codex you are witnessing our lab work, testing and evaluating the various processes to make it a work in progress. Whether or not they become commercially integrated into mainstream authorities remains to be seen, but is not really my concern as an Avantgarde artist. My only concern is the liberation of the art, its authentication and appreciation by the masses as we point the way on the path in search of a higher state of art appreciation and perhaps a new 21st Century Medici will emerge to help birth the new age of enlightenment.

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