The Rap: White Supremacy Is White America’s Problem – Ikohaus
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Where did it all start to unravel? Rappers and Blacks sagging their pants? Ice Cube and NWA’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted and Straight Outta Compton? No no… We’re afraid not. But rather long, long ago…

A source of labor was needed in what lands Europeans had discovered as new to them to be exploited, and it’s resources sold for profit to those that desired, and the created need for them.

Indigenous populations, comfortable in their own society were wiped out by the disease carrying travelers, much as the Ebola virus is doing today. Very coincidentally, after so called forced at gunpoint to vaccinations. 

But what part does the music play in this evolution of humanity?  As a means of communication between slaves of different tribes to keep their spirits up and alive. But for the white Europeans the only way to remain in control of their intelligent human machinery was by instituting their supremacy over their captive machines, with whatever weapons they had.

So here develops the problem, that the 60’s hippies had realized long ago, in their cross culturalization with music and society. 

The white supremacy, enslavement and exploitation of people, natural resources and the plain old earth were not just wrong, but would have serious ecological and spiritual repercussions in disturbing the laws of the universe. Gravity is one such truth and global warming turned out not to be the Hippie pipe dreams it was made out to be. 

So then as with Hitler, whom the world let stray far from human consciousness, “A man left to his own devices tends to self destruct” quoted from an old National Cable TV manager that helped me to develop into a project manager so that he could move up and be replaced. Is man headed for self destruction?

Plain and simple back to the issue at hand White Supremacy. Until that mantle of superiority, due to race, disappears and America deals with it past, we can never enter the next phase of human development, “The Age of Enlightenment”. Revealing what man’s true value really is, Creativity. Scientists can prove that we are descended from one genealogical species that walked out of Africa and further developed into the various races we have today, but definitely of the Negroid foundation. 

We have created all the technology we have today from that time, but have reached an evolutionary point where the only thing remaining is our own creativity, as machines do everything else. And until we can accept responsibility for the inhumanity to man that we have done, grave racial issues and consequences will remain. We are not God’s, even though some TedXtalks would make you think so.

But in the end Nature like gravity will continue to preclude the stoppages we can yoke upon our fellow man, just as a field of all yellow tulips will eventually yield red, blue, violet and others. Creating a system to erase others past, and allow an unfair playing field dares Nature to call forth the homeostasis of all humanity.

That is the Rap of  White Supremacy in America.

August 23, 2014

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