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Romero taking a knee at the Greenville Town Commons

In a studio visit at Ikohaus in Greenville, NC, I engaged in a brief conversation with the Avant-garde artist, Romero, touching on the inspiration behind his work Spider Orchid. Romero’s work has been shown in Art Avenue, MOCA, and at the World Art Expo in Orange County, California. The artist has also studied fine arts, film, and video at the Pratt Institute. Romero pushes past boundaries, out the realm to give a new path on art and technology.

The creative idea behind Spider Orchid was to do another collaborative piece after Maryborough Waterlilies, with Australian photographer, Maggie Beresford. The orchid was a shot Maggie took at the gardens of Maryborough in Australia, which Romero thought was a magnificent garden on the order of the gardens of one of my favorite Impressionist artists, Monet

Romero added, the thought to construct a digital feathery image just evolved from within the piece and was a lot of enjoyment to work the piece and pull it out. Spider Orchid is one of six works available from his Flower Series.

Maggie Beresford and Romero
Spider Orchid

Shown above is an original 16″ x 1.5″ x 20″ Giclée painting called Spider Orchid. Want to make smarter art investments? Visit our IkoVu, digital collection. 

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