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Streaming Project Travalaunch is one of our first concerted efforts in live media on the Stagehound platform.

Since 1994 I have been involved with experimental streaming with cellular technology companies. First with an AT&T project in NYC using 5GigHz band allocated to us for testing OTA (over the air) TV broadcasts from a Cellular Headend to a set top box.

Then with DirecTV where our company a Master Systems Operator developed technology to deliver Ku and Ka distributed over a network to multiple occupancy dwelling units.

These developments are what inspired this artist/musician to see the advent of a distributed network, that uses an approach of hi-speed internet vs OTA.

If you have been following my articles for some time, you already know that I am a staunch supporter of Componentization. A word I coined in the early 2000’s to describe using off the shelf components to construct something that may be entirely different than what they were intended for, but saves time and costs on proprietary development that I made not have either the resources or knowledge to construct.

This was part of the technology concepts borrowed from MIT Sloane school of business thought and Larry Ellison’s Oracle in 2000 when I started formulating the future network concepts.

My argument logically with many of the engineers behind those previous projects was, “Is it not better to deliver media over a wired network, preferably fiber optics, rather than OTA?” This way we don’t have to deal with interference from moisture or latency from signal delays.

Now you may wonder what does all this have to do with art and entertainment. But surely all of this is mission critical to the direction that new A&E is heading, in terms of live programming.

You probably already know that Facebook is investing heavily in Live Streaming, YouTube also for many years among a host of others. Now defunct Blab.im a Bebo company from MySpace fame, BeLive.TV, Periscope, Firetalk and host of others.

Usually I have the uncanny knack of settling on the Dark Horse so to speak. The one that most people discount, but rather I find that specifically suits the needs and purposes of a myriad of uses and this is exactly what an experimental avant-garde artist needs.

Already I can fathom and have used some of the alternative means to do live art auctions, music events on remote from Scotland globally, Baseball from Japan and talks with artists from all walks on remote from their own country.

Usually the only thing necessary is at least a 640 Kbs internet connection or a solid 4G mobile cellular connection. Voila the network I had sought after since 1994 has come to fruition.

Being a self promoted artist can be difficult, more so when it is applied to the experimental avant-garde arts that treads on unfamiliar ground and pushes the envelope of creativity.

Our studio equipment is old from 2006-2007, Dell studio laptop running Ubuntu, Wacom tablet from the same era. Audio Technica Mics, ToppPro mixers, Vizio display monitors. None of our vendors have ever supported our experimental art initiative.

We do not know if that is because of numbers, self promotion, our radically different content or being an African American artist in the field of the avant-garde. Whatever the case only RiteKit’s  Saul Fleischman, with social media software app/support and  Sony has come up with a perk for us. The Sony X headphones we use consistently in studio.

Starting a big push with Reggae artist Travalaunch we will endeavor to bring him in live on remote from his home in Jamaica for an exclusive artist interview rescheduled to Saturday April 1st 2017, 3:30pm EDT. Right here on Ikohaus on StreamOne.

The amazing part of this live stream is there is not recording or replay, so in the art realm that makes it more immediate and performance based as once it is done it will be gone into the ether.

Travalaunch as well as Ikohaus have costs, studios, children etc., so we want to move away from the free performance were artists and collaborators work for no rewards.

Part of our initiative, that creativity is the new economy we have a monetary gift system to be used whereby all the collaborators, from the platform provider Stagehound to the Network CPN and the artist will be compensated from whatever you gift during the event.

A socially responsible formula of 30%, 30%, 40% to the artist has been worked out for patrons if they so wish to gift.

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