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CPirateNetwork now looks to expand it’s social reach. What was happening was that streaming in a global environment was becoming difficult to be sociable with viewers that are on, of course a different time schedule.


We have a lot of connections with underground artists in the UK like DISLautomatic, CaraArtist and CyrusDaVirus just to name a few. For communications we have found twitter to be the most reliable means of information exchange. We get notifications of newly released videos from artists, events and all the latest in short sms format.

The HD streaming music video format will be used in an expressly UK timed show for Friday December 6th 2013 to air at 6pm GMT or 1pm ET we hope to evaluate the impact of underground UK Hip Hop being shown in a relevant time with Google Analytics.

We feel this may be an underserved area that BBC does not cover as the commercial impact of the artists are not felt, but we feel the social impact warrants it from a music historical perspective.

BlackCaesarX and Car Spoof In Brixton, UK

Of course once again we use a light hearted underground approach of being Pirate TV broadcasting from a ship in International waters beyond the 200 mile limit from the UK. On a serious note the HD stream format allows us to deliver the Live programming to BYOD devices worldwide beyond traditional music TV programming that we are aware of at the time this article was written.

If you would like to check and evaluate the show it will be aired Live Friday December 6th, 2013 at 6pm GMT and 1pm ET on CPirate Network Get Live. *World Time Conversions Can Be Found Here.

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