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We received the notification in an email that Pinterest was launching their Pinterest For Business site. It sure couldn’t have come too soon for Pinterest, as I’m sure just like myself as a male user with an interest on Pinterest (no pun intended) it has been waning. We bet your wondering what this has to do with art, but we’ll get into that part a little later on.

Now if you have a Pinterest account already it’s a relatively easy process to just transfer your account over, even though we had a little difficulty with the sign in procedure due to passwords and had to make a work around by signing in with Twitter, receiving a new password, then changing it back to the old password. Otherwise transitioning is easy, or you can just open up a business account at no cost.

The next step is to verify your website because you see, your Pinterest business account becomes connected to your business site out on the web. Good news if you use Blogger like !kohaus does, you can simply enter the code into your template right after the tag and again the script code right before the end of the tag.

Wowweee talk about quirky beta! We verified our site yesterday before writing this article and the tags were eaten up? We wrote to tech support but found out with our experimentation that the issue was having to reinsert a new tagset verification code. Now once again we have to wait for analytics to start to come in after we thought we might have had some results for today.

Ok on to buttons and widgets many of you probably already have Pinit buttons and widgets but here on Pinterest Business is the official set and what’s more for businesses it’s easily embedded and activated right on your page as you see here. 

What this does for your business is to have people that follow you on Pinterest find where your site is and vice versa, your on site visitors finding your boards. What we’ve done is carry the business evolution a step farther by incorporating a business board, called “Ikohaus Gallery” that links out to our Amazon fulfillment pages, so art work that is seen there and visitors feel that they want to own them can be simply purchased through the same gateways.

This portends to be a big play for Pinterest once they get the installation process bugs worked out, that would again make Pinterest the Hub of communicating the patchwork of whims and fancies of the large internet exploring community.


March 14, 2013

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