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by Bekay Wed Jan 28th 2015 1:53am EDT


More breaking boxing News!!! Manny and Floyd meet in private after the game!!! Fight closer than ever

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“MADWB” is happy to announce that Floyd Mayweather approached Manny Pacquiao at the Miami Heat game. Floyd gives Manny his number to work out fight details. REMEMBER WHERE YOU HEARD IT 1ST! 

Bob Arum is losing his mind apparently now that the two fighters have met in person, and are evidently going to be able to hash out the lies that Arum has been feeding Pacman. This interaction was initialized by Mayweather so I suppose myself, my team at “Man and a Dog Watch Boxing”, and the entire world was a little wrong about Floyd’s intentions. We retract our previous statements that Floyd wouldn’t be making this fight. He clearly wants this fight and we now know for sure that Bob Arum is the one who is preventing this match up, lying to the public about it, and about Floyd’s intentions. 

We don’t expect this to happen for another year as Pacman will be blocked by Bob Arum, but at least we know the two men BOTH want this fight.

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