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lifestyle – the way in which a person or group lives

upgrading your lifestyle; how is that done in today’s fast paced, rapidly changing and evolving world?

we espouse communicating in the modern method of electronic distribution. constantly people are peering into mobile phones, computer display screens and tv display monitors.

Commercial Crest photo

what if you/we use these same methods to communicate aesthetics, instead of the usual documents of ideas, political, spiritual and philosophical product advertisement.

we instead use these electronic devices to upgrade and enlighten our lifestyle by exploring the nature of perception; for pleasure; or to generate strong emotions with aesthetics.

i love how Brad Blackman describes art –

‘The major function of art is to show society for what it really is, even if it is unflattering.

And it often is.’

the major problem i face as an independent avantgarde artist, with very few exclusive members in my Ikohaus artists group, is gaining adoption of our new IkoVuX+ authenticated, display, collecting and trading system.

Rage I by Romero in interior
Rage I by Romero in interior

we don’t have the big cash reserves or publicists cranking out the promotional ‘calls to action’ to saturate the market, but this serves our purpose to where we are now to implement the ‘CTEP‘ project.

CTEP‘ project – Creativity The new Economy Project, will be being rolled out prior to the release of my featured installation April 2019 in Marquis Who’s Who In America print edition.

as much detail as we can give right now; you already know that i have a verified gallery, Ikohaus on the authenticated, provenance platform Codex Protocol. we will be looking for those experienced in marketing art to become trading partner members, whom will be afforded special works acquisition prices for profit resales.

more of an explanation will be forthcoming. also at this time applications are open for Artists to become members of our Ikohaus Gallery for digital works only. members who are familiar with WordPress can also receive an subdomain personal site.

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if you are interested in becoming a trading partner or an Ikohaus digital artist contact me with your appropriate skills and credentials by email to

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