Using Social Media In Context: @BlackCaesarX Interview With @RealKINGASAR – Ikohaus
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Many of our buddies (Saul Fleischman) have been after us to use Google Hangouts in our music setting. They never knew we were early adopters of Google Apps dating back to 2006 when we were pioneering it’s use in Commodities trading.

Now we would like to bring to you this exclusive interview with young 23 year old King Asar out of Brooklyn NYC by way of Jamaica WI.

This cat is tops in the new underground evolving music field of International Style Reggae/Hip Hop/Dance Hall style of blend of music. Our interview is the blog and we hope the YouTube track we find of his music is suitable enough to impact you as it has done us, on this dynamic Powerhouse sensation of the New Music of the 21st Century!

PS Look forward to as we work in collaboration for King Asar taking on his own Streamin Network show on #CPirateTV Back 2 U Nelly:


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December 22, 2012

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