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Introducing the V Series from Ikohaus. The new collection enables you to cast your Ikohaus collection from your phone to your TV. Learn more now!


Here are three ways you can benefit from the V Series.


If you’ve struggled with collecting art, you’re not alone. Many novice collectors have faced similar challenges.


Meet the V Series

This series includess two innovative works by the avant-garde artist Romero “Mysterious Velvet/ I’ll Understand [song by Mose Stoval] and “Foiled Again/Work Harder in a limited numbered edition of 100 each. With the V Series, you’ll be able to cast these two pieces to your TV and stream the music provided with the works.


The V Series looks more professional

Digital paintings look real. The works in this series are more attractive and appealing. They look sharp, detailed, and are pleasing to your eyes.


The V Series looks more attractive

Display your collected works on your TV from your phone and light up your room. This adds great impact to your decor.


The V Series allows you to take your collection anywhere

This new series is mobile. Take your collection anywhere and display it on any TV using the cast option from your mobile device.


Here’s what one patron had to say 

I just want to say thank you to Shariyka Romero and Carlos Romero for our copy of “Mysterious Velvet by Romero/I’ll understand by Mose Stovall”! I can take it anywhere with me and also I can use it for decor in my own home all just from my phone! It’s available for purchase now people! Don’t wait, get your copy now and enjoy some great artwork for your office or home and enjoy the smooth sound of Mose Stovall!  – Christina F.


"V" Series from Ikohaus
Photo: Christina F


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If you’re ready to purchase the V Series, email us today at

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July 6, 2017

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Interesting concept and very convenient to have the mobility of your art and be able to showcase it no matter what is a great idea!

Thanks, Kahla. This concept was developed by avant-garde artist Romero. Currently, there are 2 patrons who are beta testers and have these digital works.


This is what every artist should have, Infact every one should get this. I am impressed.

Thank you, Nelly! We have 2 patrons who have adopted this new way of collecting our works.