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VIPOD, an acronym I’ve concocted for VIrtual Painting On Demand. Taking a cue from technology, now that painting can be done digitally, the aspect of keeping all painting in inventory waiting for interested buyers is removed. The work can be viewed as a fine representational digital image to reproduced in whatever format the artist chooses to make generally available or custom produced to a prospective buyers criteria.

This also lends itself to the emanation of the piece. An art work can come from 3 different places:

With all this said I met an artist, sculptor by the name of Andrew Preiss at Duke University, where I do some security work for an outside firm to keep from starving as an artist. We discussed the fact of how musicians have gone digital, photographers and now artists, but that sculpting can not be done in a digital fashion. Andrew, however brought out a very good point, that using CAD or other software programs the sculptor can lay out his pieces. I think with the current push into robotics, we’ll shortly see the ability for the sculptor to robotically have his work, carved, melded or welded by robot assistance making the medium much more workable than the tedious process we see now.

September 26, 2008

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