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Romero, the Founder, and CEO of Ikohaus understands and appreciates cutting-edge technology. After all, he is an avant-garde artist. Since 2005, he has been pushing for living artists to be able to list artwork on Amazon. With patience and persistence, Ikohaus works became available on Amazon. If you want to know how it was done “Creative Solutions – Amazon Getting Unique Art & Goods” is a good source. 

As you know, Amazon is a respected and trusted venue. Many of you are probably wondering “how do I know that I am buying a Romero from Ikohaus?” That’s an excellent question! Romero’s works are original, one of a kind, signed, and thumb printed. The thumbprint verifies the authenticity of the work. If your work does not have the artist’s thumbprint, then it is not a Romero!

Romero and Maggie Beresford

Let’s say that you’re looking through Ikohaus’ store on Amazon and 057 catches your attention. You then add 057 to your cart, proceed to checkout, and enter your credit card and shipping info. You finally receive 057 in the mail, open the package, and decide that you’ll hang this piece in your dining area. The dining area is one of the best places to hang art! Whether you are cooking or dining, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Flowers add an interesting balance to the dining room and create a good conversational topic for your guests. In the event that you are tired of 057 or your significant other hates the piece so much that he or she urges you to ditch it, you have options. You could gift it another collector or sell it back on Amazon, where you purchased it.

To put it briefly, collectors no longer have to depend on galleries to find art that fits their taste. Collectors can now interface directly with the artist. More importantly, collectors can learn more about the work and the artist. What a way to purchase art! 

Ikohaus works are no longer available through the Ikohaus Amazon store. Instead, works will be offered through serious inquiries. Contact ikohaus@gmail.com to inquire about specific pieces.

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[…] as he or she is walking up or down the stairs. As mentioned in my previous blog, entitled “Want to Buy Art Directly from an Artist? Now You Can!“, the dining area is one of the best places to hang art. Whether you’re cooking or […]

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