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The caves at Lascaux France are an amazing find. The artisans used the same types of pigmented paints that Egyptians used on the walls of the pyramids to last thousands of years, so that we have a good true glimpse into the past thoughts of the artist.
Like Picasso, Paul Klee, Joseph Cornell and Cezanne the artist at Lascaux did not start out making any profit from creating the art. Also true is in their times communication with the general public was not too widespread. Some of the later artists may have kept journals of what they were doing and their thoughts on the creative process, but mostly we just have a body of work and the opinion of critics and patrons.
Today the landscape has vastly changed. We have FourSquare, Google+, twitter, Empire Ave., Pinterest, XeeMe for finding people everywhere among many other forms for the artist to directly communicate with fans, followers, patrons and the public. What seems to happen is business associates may sometimes comment and +1 the articles, but the general public doesn’t realize they can comment and talk directly with a living artist. As mentioned above a lot of artists can live in obscurity, because critics have not brought the artist to mainstream attention. Due usually to profitability and saleability factors. But for those forward looking enough or as we like to say in the “Avante-garde” it is exactly this opportunity that can be missed if not for chronicling a living journal of an artist’s thoughts and feelings rather than the pontifications that abound in the blogging genre. 

What better area to be an authority on, then one’s self? For truly the artist knows themselves better than any other reviewer or critic could ever imagine. This is what we discovered and enjoyed in the cave paintings of Lascaux. A body of work by an artist, from their point of view in time, lacking only any documented discourse with the artist, that we now can have here in a journal type blog.

MissStep 4-5-2013

So now we will importantly further endeavor to place our body of work on Amazon.com where it can stand the test of time, just like in the caves. The difference being we’ve created a system whereby the patron can collect, display and resell the works they acquire in the modern 21st century fashion of the internet, for however long Amazon remains in existence (I don’t suspect they will be going anywhere anytime soon which is why they were chosen).

I’ve found it very difficult for the other Ikohaus member artists to join me placing their work to our Amazon Gallery. They may not have the foresight to see the possibilities of such a structure, so someone must pioneer this direction and let the work itself see if it can walk on it’s own and prosper.

What we’re about to do is to release the entire body of printed artwork to Amazon and publish works as they are released also to our Pinterest board Ikohaus Gallery.

Enjoy or dislike whatever you prefer, but all means “Talk To Me?”

*** There is a comment box below to leave your valuable thoughts, comments and sugestions

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7 years ago

I am working RiteTag on this one, C. It7LL go out from @osakasaul “as is.” Then, through 2 other accts, with custom links, and one with RiteTag-powered tags, the other without. Naturally, I'm sending the tweet without tags from an acct 12x larger than the other. Let's see which drive pageviews, retqweets and favorites.

7 years ago

Hmmmmm thanks and as you see I also tried as Blogspot calls it putting and devising my own labels. Would that be another variable here?

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