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Avant-garde Classical Composer
Vito Palumbo

Vito Palumbo is a very dear friend of mine and a member of Ikohaus Avant-garde artists. This is the story of how we became fast friends and artistic collaborators via the internet.

The group had formed shortly before December of 2007 when the second inductee Maggie Beresford photographer of Australia, told me that she had a friend in Italy I must meet a music composer. I chided her, because even though my musical tastes were eclectic, I was going through a phase of being immersed on old traditional Southern Black Gospel music with influences of Reggae deep bass and Hip Hop.

We talked Vito and I via internet and he sent me a link to some of his work on YouTube. I chose a piece “Concerto Barocco” because the video had some silly looking white high heeled stilettos on a model. I hit play…

I was floored by the sound coming from my computer through musicians 6.1 surround sound audio system with subwoofers. The clarity and power of a full stringed orchestra coursed through my auditory system. What I was hearing was as great a work as if by Bach or Beethoven! Surely this could not be from the person I was talking with? And for extra measure the composition structure was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It was truly 21st century.

I then came to the shocking realization that if I had lived in Bach’s time and befriended him and he let me hear one of his then new works, I would have been just as equally astounded.

Quickly I asked Vito if he would be so kind as to join our Avant-garde movement as an Avant-garde composer. After explaining to him who we were, and what we did, he replied he would be honored, but that his music was contemporary classical.

Not being one to quibble of labels and tags, I thanked him profusely and assured him it was both contemporary in the now and Avant-garde, ahead of time simultaneously. This brings me to his request all the way from 2007 until now that goes unfulfilled. He asked just that I help him find a symphony orchestra within the US that would simply just play the music that was played of his in great halls in Italy and Russia and provide a film or video recording of the event.

For six years I contacted Universities in my town of Greenville, NC, Raleigh, NY and orchestra’s, but no one would talk to me even though it would be without charge. Just simply for the love of our art.

I’ll leave you with the first piece in video format I fell in love with and Vito’s curriculum vitae your comments would be appreciated, because “We are artists…We don’t do this for the money”
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDwoMFnfV_M?rel=0]
Vito Palumbo has a diploma in piano, composition and electronic music with full honors at the Conservatory “N. Piccinni “in Bari, has to his credit fifty published works by different bodies: from the solo instrument in chamber ensembles, from tools and electronics to work for large orchestra, works for soloist and orchestra and works for musical theater. He furthered his studies in composition at the Academy Chigi of Siena and the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome with Azio Corghi with highest honors and with release of special grant awarded by Luciano Berio as the best qualified. He has won several international composition competitions: Competition XXII “Castle of Belvidere; Prize V. Bucchi, “” F. Evangelists, “” M. Valcárcel International Award “in Spain, International Competition” 2 Agosto “International Competition” in C. … Togni “International Competition FMMC Washington International Composers’ Competition, the International Prokofiev Competition in Russia; International Competition S. Cecilia, Rome. He received commissions for several performances and concert societies, and theaters worldwide, “New Consonance – Academic Hall of the Conservatory S. Cecilia, Goethe-Institut, Rome, Parco della Musica, Rome concert series “On the wings of the twentieth century” Brescia concert series at the Central Conservatory in Beijing, China; concert series “Music in Piediluco” Music Academy Chigiana, Siena Academy France – Villa Medici, Rome, Fondazione “M. Botin, Santander – Spain, Foundation A. Toscanini “in Parma , Collegium Musicum, Bari; Orchestra of the Province of Bari, Orchestra “Haydn” of Bolzano Theatre, Cimarron Ensemble, Austria, New York, Teatro Rossetti in Vasto, Civic Theatre of Sassari, Freon-RAI Ensemble, Roma; Pantheon, Mixed Dorm, Academies de France and the U.S., Berliner Philharmoniker Athenaeum Quartet, Teatro Baretti, Fiara Ensemble, Turin Philharmonic Academy of Verona, “The Earth Fertile “L’Aquila,” Futura 1999 “Crest, France,” The Beams Electronic Music Marathon, Boston (U.S.A.); National Academy St. Cecilia. He received two commissions from the Berlin Philharmonic.
His works are broadcast by RAI Radiotre, Channel V music RAI RAI Tre, channel ARTE France. Advertise with Suvini-Zerboni – Milano, Edizioni Rai music Trade – Rome, Edizioni Curci – Milan. E ‘teacher at the Conservatory of Cosenza.He has published several CDs: Recitarsonando, Rai Trade; Framework Sinfonia Concertante for piano and orchestra III together with the Concerto for piano and orchestra and Tchaikovskji, Rai Trade-Ducale, Italian news, Rai Trade, the Catalogue for string orchestra and singer-actress (bicentenary of Haydn) Rai Trade.
He recorded with RAI Trade, Stradivarius, Ducale, EMI Classics and Naxos. In 2005 he was awarded the
prestigious “G. Petrassi “for the settlement, established by the Presidency of the Republic and
delivered personally by the President in office of the Quirinale in Rome, flanked by Claudio Abbado and Pierre Farulli. In 2006 he obtained a commission to work for musical theater by the National Orchestra of RAI Turin.

Works & Kouros Kore two pieces made with synthesized sounds (1998), duration: 6 ‘approx.
First performance: L’Aquila, 1998
[RTC 973-2]

Sextet for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, guitar and piano (1999), duration: 12 ‘ca., the first time: Bari, 1999
[RTC 973-1]

Coil for cello and electronics (1999), duration: 18 ‘ca. First performance: L’Aquila, 2000
[RTC 848-5]

Four Bagatelle for soprano, violin, viola, cello and piano (2000), duration: 6 ‘approx.
First performance: Siena, 2000
[RTC 973-8]

Deviation in the meridian classic pale for string quartet (2001) duration: 24 ‘ca., first performance: Rome, 2001
[RTC 848-2]

In-Canto theater piece produced with synth sounds and sampled (2001), duration: 18 ‘ca., the first time: Bari, 2001 [RTC 973-10]

La machine des sons – pièce de théâtre for actress-singer, clarinet, violin, cello and percussion (2001), duration: 9 ‘approx., the first time: Siena, 2001 [RTC 1069]
The shadow of the sun
for voice and electronics (2001), duration: 15 ‘ca
[RTC 973-9]

Concerto for piano and orchestra (2001-2002), duration: 30 ‘. Workforce: 2.2.2. 2 / 4.2.2 / Tp / Perc / Strings
[RTC 973-5]

Ab-sense for piano (2002), duration: 10 ‘ca., the first time: Santander (Spain), 2003
[RTC 848-6]

Five of Hearts 5 micro-pièce de théâtre up thoughts of A. Rosselli, for actress-singer, flute
(Oct), cello and percussion (2002), duration: 10 ‘ca., First performance: Rome, 2002
[RTC 848-3]

Memory Blues for violin and orchestra (2002), duration: 12 ‘ca. Workforce: 3.2. 2. 2 /
/ Strings
[RTC 973-3]

Shakuntala for flute, clarinet, harp, piano, harpsichord, vibraphone, 2 violins, viola,
cello (2002), duration: 12 ‘ca., the first time: Brescia, 2002
[RTC 973-4]

Ah, sad game for mixed choir a cappella (2003), duration: 8 ‘approx.
[RTC 848-8]

Butterfly for actress-singer and piano (2003), duration: 13 ‘ca.
[RTC 848-4]

Fun for clarinet, saxophone, harp, piano, accordion, violin and cello
(2000), duration: 7 ‘approx., The first time: Beijing, 2003
[RTC 848-1]

Pop Songs for piano (2003), duration: 8 ‘approx.
[RTC 973-6]

Studio Cello (2003), duration: 7 ‘approx., the first time: Piediluco, 2003
[RTC 848-7]

varieAzioni for ensemble (2003), duration: 10 ‘ca., first performance: Rome, 12/10/2003.
Workforce: Bb Trb, Vl, Vla, Vc, Cb, Pf Perc
[RTC 973-7]

Singing in the veins of amber for voice and ensemble (2004), duration: 15 ‘ca. First performance: Bari, 03.22.2005. Organic Ensemble: Fl (also Picc), Ob, Cl, Perc, Pf, Strings
[RTC 1362]

String Quartet No. 2 for string quartet (2004), duration: 20 ‘ca.
[RTC 1539]

Rosa canina for chamber orchestra (2004), duration: 14 ‘ca., first performance: Rome, 2004.
Workforce: Fl (also Picc), Ob, Cl, Fg, Cor, Trb, Trbn, Perc, Pf, Strings
[RTC 1271]

Timeline for ensemble (2004), duration: 11 ‘ca., the first time: Brescia, 2004. Workforce: Fl (also Picc), Cl (also cl.B), Vl, Vc, Pf, Perc
[RTC 1649]

Baroque Concert for harpsichord and strings (2005), duration: 15 ‘ca. First performance: Rome, 06/01/2005
[RTC 1578]

Madness in King for baritone and instruments (2005), duration: 12 ‘ca.
First performance: Torino, 11/08/2005. Workforce: Fl, Cl, Vibra, Vl, Vc, Pf
[RTC 1579]

Hoquetus for trombone (2005), duration: 8 ‘approx., the first time: Torino, 03/02/2006
[RTC 1679]

Backstage for two pianos (2005), duration: 8 ‘approx., the first time: Strasbourg, 12.14.2005
[RTC 1460]

Classical concert for string quartet and harpsichord (2006), duration: 15 ‘, with approx. First performance: Molfetta, 23/03/2006.
[RTC 1807]
Quadro Sinfonia Concertante for piano and orchestra (2006), duration: 30 ‘. First performance: Oradea (Romania), 06/01/2006. Organic Orchestra: 2 Fl, 2 Ob, 2 Cl, 2 Fg, 2 Cor, 2 Trb, 2 Trbn, Tp, Perc, Strings [RTC 2001]
Community singing one-act operas on texts by E. Dickinson, for ensemble. 2008. duration 45 ‘Civic Theatre of Sassari, December 10, 2008.
[RTC 2912]

Sonata for piano. (2009). endure 13 ‘Teatro Rossetti in Vasto. March 22, 2009.
[RTC 2904]

Trio for flute (piccolo), violin and piano. (2009). Duration 30 ‘Teatro Morelli of Cosenza.June 3
[RTC 3194]

The Catalogue
(Text by G. Somalvico) to singer-actress, string orchestra and percussion, 2008.duration 15 ‘
[RTC 2977]

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