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Everyone is talking about Dapps

But we artists at Ikohaus want to talk about something else more open source and easier to develop that we’ve discovered and have used in different fashions for sometime now.

coinbase Did you know that this secure website can be seen in a Dapp [ Decentralized Application] like Coinbase Wallet (formerly Toshi)?

Let us move onto what this portends for the average artist. There has always been a piece that was missing in creative works of art since the very beginning of time… “Authenticity and Provenance”.

How do I know who is the real creator of the work I purchased and know that it is not a fake🤔?

That’s where two new companies I have been evaluating come in. Who am I? The Avante-garde artist know as “Romero” 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award winner in Avant-garde art from Marquis Who’s Who In America.

Who are The Two Companies?

CodexProtocol and Coinbase


CodexProtocol provides a system to authentically register an asset on the blockchain. Thus proving and recording the creation and or recognized authentication of the asset.

Coinbase now holds the financial means to transfer funds between Fiat currency and crypto as you have seen me use on this site as Coinbase Commerce.

Componentization is a large part of the process for me as an artist. How could I ever field a coding team and still be able to create artwork and keep a livestreaming network up and running. So coupled along with CodexProtocol are the recommended Metamask extension for Ethereum the blockchain we ride on. This allows for the Codex record I create for an individual work to be created and transfered to a potential patron.

Are Enge U There 8-7-2018


Now comes the simplified no app viewing IkoVuX consumer system. Just have a Gmail account for authentication and the ability to view in slides on any compatible device Android, IOS, Chromecast or other mirroring systems for viewing on large format display devices too.

The work is green and sustainable as it is view only to prevent fakes and forgeries. Your codex record is embeded into the work so simply tap on it to prove ownership and show that the Codex records match your address wallet showing full provenance and authentication.

There is is a complete end2end digital system, authenticated on the blockchain. There is one other artists that was working on a similar concept to mine however at this point I do not think they have developed an authentication system such as mine as of yet, he is Robert Wilson with Video Portraits of Lady Gaga at the Musée du Louvre in Paris.

August 21, 2018

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