We’re Kickin Apps With Brother Omar – Ikohaus
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We had a little sit down and talk with Brother Omar, you may be familiar with this author and writer from our sister site, !kohaus Music Group. What I complained about is the real lack of interest in anything new in the Art World.

It seems to be dead dying and dormant. Now I don’t mean that you don’t have a lot of activity with the big muckety mucks like Sotheby’s and MOMa. But there those are all preselected pablumated artists that are guaranteed to sell not that the self-righteous and pompous schlock they create have any true value, but it sure makes a very nice story.

My daughter sent me a link trying to help my art career (bless her little heart) to Art Wanted.org I think I used to belong to them back in 2007. But hey notice something on their site, there’s no black people!!!!!!!! Wow, so you mean we have no artists????? Only basketball players and Hip Hop artists tsk, tsk…..this is sad occasionally a one time black who is deemed safe I guess passes over. But you know what the heck, with this ideology and being worried about what people say, I’ve written it all here for you to see yourself and will do it again.

So It’s Time For This Art!sts To START KICKIN Some APPS!!!!!!

June 12, 2012

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