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Thinking of starting a business? Learn what it’s like being an entrepreneur. Or if you’re a creative, a creativepreneur.


What is a creativepreneur?  

Creative + Entrepreneur = Creativepreneur
You might just be a creativepreneur if you’re an entrepreneur 


Life of a creativepreneur 

The road of a creativepreneurBeing an entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely road. I’m fortunate enough to have a business partner so, I’m not alone on this journey. 

Throughout my journey, having a support system has been beneficial. I don’t feel overwhelmed. In fact, my support system makes me feel as if someone always has my back. And that’s why having a support system is key! 

Not everyone understands your path and that’s ok. Because most people are not willing to endure a long journey with sacrifices. However, there may be long days, so much exhaustion from long nights, sleepless nights of worry, and empty bank accounts. 

People often laugh and judge. It’s either because they’re complacent with where they are, they can’t see the big picture or afraid to take risks.  Their current situation is safe for them.

Believing in yourself as well as investing in yourself was another lesson I learned. Again, not everyone is going to get what being an entrepreneur means. 


What it takes to be a creativepreneur

Being an entrepreneur requires faith, hope, and hard work. I’ve also learned to not devalue yourself or your work. In the past, I’ve had clients say they could have a friend take their photos simply because they refused to pay.

This used to make me irate that people would reach out to me to take photos, but not want to pay. Now, it doesn’t because I know the worth and value of the services I offer. It’s normal to have price objections. 

A sale is 90% listening and 10% talking. If you just listen to your customer you will find out what’s really important to them. People buy when the value exceeds price. 


I enjoy the freedom of working for myself. Every day I learn something new. The best advice I can give is never to stop learning! 

You never know what information may come in handy. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’ve had to understand that I’m not Superwoman and I can’t do everything by myself. 

I have become accustomed to isolation. I enjoy being by myself especially in the gym. This is not to say I’m not sociable, I’m actually a social butterfly. I can enjoy the company of other people and still be comfortable being alone where I can motivate myself without any assistance.

Things to remember as a creativepreneur 

Remember to have fun as a creativepreneurWork hard, but remember to have fun! For me, hitting the gym has been a great way to improve my productivity and lifestyle. Going to the gym allows me to focus better.


Working out kept me mentally sharp and on my toes. For example, the repetitive sets in my workout helped me come up with ideas. This was another chance for me to learn what workouts worked for me and what I needed to improve.


Once I put my headphones and the music started, I was in the zone. Moreover, I focused on completing my workouts and sets.

On the elliptical

Furthermore, going to the gym regularly provided me with structure and the drive to keep me going if I’m unmotivated or tired. Who doesn’t like to see progress? We all love to see progress. 


In conclusion, small progress is still progress. In the gym, progress is about pushing through that last set or running those extra minutes. During my time in the gym, I learned what I need to succeed…STRATEGY!


What have you learned from being an entrepreneur? Feel free to share your lessons in the comments.


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