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Was one of your goals to attend more live shows and events this year? Then New York Karma Experience (NYKE) is for you! We believe that there are those who cannot easily travel to attend events, however, CPirateNetwork (CPN), our parent company is looking to give you that same fun experience right from your couch. DJ Sincere, of the DRTYBSMNT, hosts events every 1st Sunday of the month at Karma Hookah Bar & Lounge NYC, located at 51st Avenue, New York. With your support, CPN will be beta testing it out on September 4th, Labor Day, by streaming the event live from Karma Hookah Bar & Lounge NYC.

Independent artists and musicians will be gathering at this event to positively showcase their talents for the betterment of humanity. Predominately, hip hop artists and musicians are attending this event to speak the truth, reflecting on what’s going on in society. There are still spaces available for both artists and musicians. Artists, you can secure a spot to showcase your talent with CPirateNetwork! If you are an artist and want to secure your spot to showcase your talent, contact us at CPirateTV@gmail.com. In the email, please send us a video of your live performance.

NYKE is a one-time, live experience and it will not be recorded so there won’t be a replay. Tickets to attend this event from your couch will be available on StageHound. So, how can you attend this live event without leaving your couch? This 4th of September, we invite you to make history with us. We’re streaming NYKE to give you the same experience of live shows without all the crowd or leaving your couch in the comfort of your home, and we need your help. 

Today, we’re launching CPirateNetwork’s crowdfunding campaign on Tilt [now defunct read: What Happened To Tilt].

Our goal was to raise $3,000 to fund travel expenses, equipment, data usage to bring you the event live, and to keep the network (CPirateNetwork) running. You’ll also get some amazing perks for donating. If we exceed our goal, then we can give away the event for free. 

Join us in entertaining, educating, and informing our network of viewers. Perhaps, we can do free events in the future. Please help us make this campaign a success by supporting us!

The revolution won’t be televised, it will be streamed (Click here to check out what we do). Let’s stream history!

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